Innovare Contributions to Hospitals Exceeds $2,000,000

Innovare Medical Media achieved a significant milestone last week.  Since inception, Innovare has contributed over $2,000,000 back to our hospital partners through the Community Showcase Program! These hospital partners have utilized this additional revenue stream in various beneficial ways.  Some examples over the last few years have been:

  • Employee Assistance and Benefits Support
  • Additional Dollars for the Marketing Department
  • More Charging Stations Units for Patient Services
  • Foundation Contributions

Leading hospitals throughout the country are becoming more entrepreneurial in their thinking and have found the Community Showcase Program to be a no-brainer.  For no risk and $0, the hospital receives 1) a free marketing communication network, 2) free charging stations for patient services and 3) a free new discretionary revenue stream.

Innovare shortly anticipates paying its hospital partners $1,000,000 per year moving forward. To learn more about this new and discretionary revenue stream contact Michael Ricciardi,