2nd Connecticut Partner Installed: Waterbury Hospital

Waterbury Hospital, a mid-sized community hospital licensed for 357 beds in Connecticut is the second hospital partner for Innovare Medical Media in the state of CT.

At zero cost, Waterbury Hospital was able to upgrade their mobile device charging station equipment as well as transform some existing space on campus to feature real, hardworking media.  This exciting, new program includes large format billboards and LCD’s to showcase strategic marketing initiatives.  In addition, Waterbury Hospital will receive a brand new recurring revenue stream from Innovare through this program, which is supported by hospital-approved local community businesses.

Mark Holtz, Waterbury Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, is a proponent of the Showcase Program: “I learned about Innovare when I met Mike (Ricciardi) and Nick (Lieberman) back in 2012 while at Overlook Medical Center.  Once, they talked about the business model, it became readily apparent to the organization that this was a win-win-win proposition, and after completing due diligence, we launched the program.  Hospitals need more ventures like this – no cost, free marketing vehicles and charging stations that freshen up barren spaces, plus we receive a percentage of the revenue!  The timing was great to implement this at Waterbury.  In addition to all the benefits this model already provides, Innovare helped us replace some less expensive and fragile charging stations we previously purchased.”

Numerous community business, some of whom partner with the hospital on other fronts, chose to partner with the Innovare for this initiative.  Jon O’Dowd, Innovare’s Sales Manager, said, “The hospital relationship with the community is very strong, making this initiative extremely successful.  The charging stations provide a tremendous service for patients, visitors and the healthcare professionals on campus that we are thrilled to deploy.”

Innovare continues to thrive, expecting to add an additional 30 Hospitals in 2018, to its already 91 hospital portfolio.  For more information about Innovare you can reach Michael Ricciardi, Partner/Co-founder, at 908-669-2101 or mricciardi@innovaremedia.com.