Innovare Boasts Successful Installments at 5 Hospital Facilities in Alabama

Brookwood Baptist Health Hospitals Installation Receives Rave Reviews

Innovare just finalized a new major installation of mobile charging stations and digital advertising screens within 5 hospital facilities in Alabama. The Innovare Medical Media team supplied Brookwood Baptist Health Hospitals (Brookwood) with 9 digital charging stations and charging bars valued at over $90,000 completely free of charge.

In addition to displaying local advertising, the hospital facilities will use the LCD digital advertising screens for internal hospital messages and hospital marketing to patients, visitors and their healthcare professionals. Numerous local and regional businesses are excited to promote their products and services on this innovative media platform.

Making Our Partners Happy Is Our Top Priority

Innovare was excited to receive rave reviews from Brookwood. Cristine Ferguson, Chief Strategy Officer at Shelby Baptist Medical Center said “Innovare is such an innovative way to not only brighten up some otherwise unused space in the facility but also to provide patients and their families with the ability to charge their devices. Their no cost model was a no brainer for us.”

Following up to this, Natalie Fleming, Marketing Manager at Princeton Baptist Medical Center and Walker Baptist Medical Center said, “When you’re heading to the hospital, you have a million different things on your mind and a phone charger is likely not one of them. Being able to offer our patients’ families and visitors the charging station service is another way to help make the consumer experience at our facility top-notch.”

Innovare is thrilled to partner with Brookwood and remains determined to continue to deliver a great product and service for all 5 facilities.

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