Mobile Charging Stations in Hospitals Provide Peace of Mind

Hospitals Enhance Patient Experience by Providing a Solution to a Real Problem

Providing a Sense of Relief

When someone finds themselves in a hospital waiting room, they are typically there unexpectedly and are not prepared with enough cellphone battery to last throughout their entire stay. This has proven to be a significant problem for visitors because cellphones are their only means of reaching out to loved ones. Installing mobile charging stations into the hospital space has been significantly beneficial for both hospitals and local businesses, who utilize the digital advertising screens on these charging stations to get their messages out to target audiences.

Enhancing patient experience has never been easier for hospitals, who are partnering with the Innovare Medical Media team to install complimentary mobile charging stations, which provide a power source, and essentially a lifeline to the outside world. These mobile charging stations, along with digital signage incorporated directly in or around the station, are provided to hospitals at no cost to them and are guaranteed to enhance the experience of those who walk through the doors.

Showing You Care in Times of Need

Research suggests that patients and their visitors have a significantly better experience when their needs are taken into account and cared for. Mobile charging stations boost the morale of hospital patrons because it shows them that the hospital their loved one is receiving medical attention in has done everything they can to make it comfortable for them.

Opening Doors for Increased Revenue

While hospital visitors are utilizing the complimentary mobile charging stations, they are more receptive to advertising displayed on digital screens embedded into the stations. This opens up the door for increased revenue for both hospital partners and local advertising partners. Businesses have an avenue to reach a highly targeted demographic who live in the area or surrounding areas of the hospital, and hospitals receive a contribution of the marketing dollars businesses pour into advertising in the hospital space.

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