Unlock Steady Revenue Through Hospital Placed Media

Hospitals Are Turning Unused Space Into Opportunity

Medical facilities are able to unlock a new stream of income by opening up their doors to hospital placed media, which targets the highly tailored demographic of hospital visitors, patients, and medical personnel. Innovare uses innovative and turnkey technology that gets local advertisement and hospital messaging out to the masses through LCD digital advertising screens that are placed onto mobile charging stations and wall space that would be otherwise unused.

Hospitals that partner with Innovare Medical Media have nothing to lose, and significant marketing opportunities and additional income to gain.

Increase Bottom Line With New Revenue

Hospitals that partner with Innovare receive a share of the fees collected from local businesses utilizing the LCD digital screens that are placed throughout the hospital. This allows for a significant and steady paycheck to be handed over to our hospital partners. Businesses are always looking for opportunities to advertise locally, and the digital advertising screens provided to our hospital partners allow companies and organizations to market directly to consumers. Innovare takes care of finding businesses looking to advertise locally, and all the hospital group has to do is supply the space.

Receive Complimentary Technology

Hospital partners are provided with complimentary community showcase programs in the form of charging stations, charging bars, and digital advertising screens that are installed throughout hospitals, enhancing spaces including waiting rooms, hallways, and cafeterias. These charging stations and screens are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars but are provided at no cost to the medical facilities. This allows for a steady stream of revenue while costing our hospital partners nothing.

Enhance the Patient Experience

Mobile charging stations are enhancing the patient experience for our hospital partners across the nation by providing a means for patients and visitors to charge their cell phones and electronics. Oftentimes, cell phones are the only means to reach loved ones outside of the hospital, so by eliminating the concern of losing battery life, patient experience is automatically increased. Innovare’s digital advertising screens that adorn the walls also enhance the patient experience by providing messages to educate and engage patrons.

Are you ready to increase revenue, have another means to market your services, and increase patient satisfaction all at zero cost?  Contact one of our professionals to start advertising in your hospital space.