Advertise Through Our Secure Media Delivery System

We Display Ads in Hospitals Across the Country From Our Remote Office

Hospital placed media has quickly become the forefront of the marketing industry as companies are learning about the benefits of advertising at a hospital which gets their messages in front of a highly targeted demographic: hospital patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals. We partner with businesses of all kinds to get key messages displayed where consumers are most likely to respond to them.

Streamline Advertisements Directly to Consumers 

Traditional marketing platforms are becoming obsolete with the advancement of modern technology that allows brands to advertise using digital screens. Digital advertising screens remove the need for businesses to pour their marketing dollars into printing numerous banners, posters, and signs with no guaranteed return on investment. Instead, our innovative LCD screens are installed within hospitals across the country, and ads are produced and updated directly from our remote offices in New Jersey. We customize our ads to fit the needs and approval of our advertising partners, as well as our hospital partners. Our staff has an open line of communication with all of our partners to determine the best messages to convey to each unique audience.

Make Changes Quickly and Efficiently

When our advertising partners want to update or change their ad, we are able to update any of our LCD digital advertising screens quickly through our system. While traditional print marketing materials would have to get thrown out or replaced when a change is made, our digital advertising screens are updated, and soon begin displaying the new messages without any hassle. Our secure digital content platform has proven to be beneficial to our advertising partners and hospital partners alike. 

Joining the Innovare Medical Media Family

As hospital placed media continues to gain momentum, we are partnering with more and more hospitals and local businesses. Contact one of our team members to learn about partnership opportunities.