Enhance Patient and Community Outreach Through Hospital Placed Media

Getting Messaging Out Has Never Been More Convenient  

Hospital placed media is quickly becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way to get messages in front of a highly targeted group of people. When hospitals partner with us, they benefit by receiving complimentary digital advertising screens and mobile charging stations, a share of the advertising revenue provided by local businesses, and an opportunity to reach their entire hospital staff, patients, and visitors with their own messaging. 

Get Your Messages Across to Those Who Need to See It 

Our partnership allows hospitals to display their own in-house advertisements on the digital screens we install throughout their property. Along with the messaging paid for by local businesses, our hospital partners can share any messages they want, including introducing new technology or treatment options and showcasing community outreach projects, partnerships, events, and activities. 

A Stress-Free Partnership

Hospitals are flooded every day with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people walking through their doors. It’s important to take advantage of this high volume of perceptive consumers, so we work with our hospital partners to determine what message they want to get out to their consumers, and design and update all ads on-demand. 

Our hospital partners pay nothing and receive a large number of benefits. Reach out to one of our team members to start the conversation.