Benefits of Digital Signage Marketing

How Innovare Charging Stations Can Amp Up Your Marketing

In the last decade, digital signage marketing has gained significant traction as a successful technique to connect with consumers. Innovare has taken this marketing approach and combined it with a free and convenient service for consumers with our hospital charging stations. Visitors, patients, and healthcare professionals can charge their devices while the hospital and local businesses utilize the digital screen to promote their educational and marketing materials. While there are many benefits to using the Innovare charging stations for marketing materials, these two stand out as the most impactful results. 

1. Greater Satisfaction

Digital signage can have a considerable effect on your customers’ overall experiences. In a recent study of 2,000 users, 94% claimed that the Innovare charging station enhanced their experience.

2. Higher Sales Growth

Using the Innovare charging stations assist hospital and product marketing within their facilities and support sales growth. Also, patients that have a positive experience at specific locations are more likely to return for future needs, which can lead to residual profit growth. Our charging stations participate in this visitor experience every day. 

As hospital placed media continues to gain momentum, we are partnering with more and more hospitals and local businesses. Contact one of our team members to learn about partnership opportunities.