Free Charging Stations are Indispensable to Visitors & Healthcare Professionals

Over 500,000 Phones to be Charged in 2020 

woman charging cell phone

Innovare Medical Media has projected that over half a million free cellphone charges will be provided for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals in 2020. By the end of 2019, over 275 charging stations will be installed in 24 states through our hospital partnerships.  

Trips to the hospital are often unexpected, so visitors and patients should be able to stay in contact with their loved ones without worrying about their phone dying. Healthcare professionals also rely on their phones to keep on top of the tasks their jobs demand. The charging stations that we can provide are vital to keeping loved ones in the loop and professionals productive.  

After conducting a sample test that tracked usage over 90 days, data showed that over 2,000 people were able to charge their phone conveniently. Out of those 2,000 users, 94% claimed that the charging stations had “enhanced their experience.” 

Innovare launched their model in 2010 and has contributed over $3 million dollars in marketing sponsor dollars back to more than 120 hospital partners while also providing over $4 million dollars in free hospital marketing. Nicholas Lieberman, an Innovare partner says they “are thrilled to know that there is so much value being brought to hospitals by our free cellphone charging stations. By launching over 30 new hospital programs in 2019, Innovare recognizes that these services are truly critical.”