The Rule of Seven

When repetition is key, our advertising solutions check every box.

In today’s world, people are continuously being funneled targeted messages. It is challenging to get past all this noise and be heard. This is where the Rule of Seven comes in to save precious marketing dollars and strengthen the impact of business content. Studies show that a potential customer has to be exposed to a product or business an average of seven times before they notice and start to take action. Hospital Placed Media is a prime opportunity for companies to leverage the Rule of Seven and target a highly attractive and valuable niche audience. 

Building Trust

Consistency is critical when it comes to marketing a business, and continuous exposure builds trust with potential customers. When a consumer is exposed to a brand multiple times and can process it over time, the customer is more likely to trust the brand and the expertise they claim to have. Consistent and repetitive branding is proven to work. This, along with the highly targeted audience Hospital Placed Media provides, businesses are marketing in a location the consumer trusts, which supports higher conversion rates. 

Mix it Up

Savvy marketers understand that variety in their marketing mix helps expand their reach. Businesses that feature their content in multiple channels will have greater success in creating seven or more touch points with their target audience. As Hospital Placed Media provides exposure to key local demographics, it is critical Hospital Placed Media is part of a business’s marketing plan.

 Ground Floor Exposure

Hospital Placed Media is a fast-growing channel that many businesses are just starting to explore with success. With valuable media opportunities across the country in leading markets, companies now can receive more quality exposure at a high rate.

How is your business making the Rule of Seven work for you? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today.