3 Ways to Make Your Waiting Room Better in 2020

Hospitals across the country are making strides in attempting to make their facilities more comfortable for their patients and staff. While most hospitals often feel cold and sterile due to the heavy regulations placed upon their operations guidelines, there are simple ways to improve on the environment of a hospital and make it a less-stressful experience for patients. 

East Meets West 

One of the most natural changes a hospital can make is switching out its current music for something more calming. Many studies have shown that the right mood music can improve blood flow in ways similar to statins, lower one’s levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol, and ease pain. Something as simple as adding a calming playlist to the sound system can help patients, and their families stay calm during a presumably stressful visit to the hospital. 

Technology Juicers 

There is nothing worse than being out and having a cell phone or device run out of battery. Having the same thing happen in a hospital is even worse – between attempting to keep friends and family updated or trying to kill time while waiting for the doctor, having a full battery is vital to keep stress levels down. A simple way to eliminate this stressor is by partnering with Innovare to have a charging station installed in your hospital waiting room. Not only will this allow for your guests and staff members to charge their phone free of charge, but your facility can also utilize its top of the line LED screen to showcase marketing materials for the hospital as well as local businesses. 

Here Comes the Sun (Sort Of) 

A final way to deflate the stress levels in your hospital is to invest in the ambiance of your waiting and patient rooms. Hospital blue(s) have been in business for far too long, and it can often leave a cold impression for most guests. By balancing those colors with some warmth, like neutrals, beautiful beiges, warm wood tones in the paint colors, and furniture choices, it can help improve moods and make the patients feel more at home. The more comfortable a patient is in a facility, the less stressful they will feel. 

How is your hospital taking steps to make patients feel more at home in your facilities? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide services can help your hospital today.