Hospitals Are Controlling Content in 2020

Hospitals typically struggle with advertising content on live TV being displayed on their campuses. Whether it’s in the waiting room or cafeteria, mainstream news channels run content that hospitals have zero control over. Recently, hospitals have been finding the value in being able to monitor and control the messaging visible to their key audience. The control and content management with advertisers that a hospital decides to partner with is a game-changer.

In 2020, hospitals now have the opportunity to work with industries and ads that are relevant to their patients and employees. Innovare offers a unique experience with digital charging stations that not only provide a convenience for your patients, visitors, and employees but also give them relevant information. The hospital has 100% control over which advertisers participate. Innovare offers hospitals the opportunity to partner with local, regional, and national businesses that are relevant to their industry. Colleges and Universities are one of the nation’s leading investors in Hospital Placed Media. Many promote degree opportunities such as RN, BSN, MSN, and MBA programs for continued education and training for doctors and nurses.

Take back control over the ads your employees and patients are being exposed to in 2020! Innovare will partner with you to ensure the best possible experience for your charging station users from when they first plug in their phone to the moment they leave with new and relevant information.

How is your facility taking back control over ad placements in 2020? Contact Innovare today to learn more about how you can claim that freedom.