Top Colleges and Universities Investing in Hospital Placed Media

As one of the fastest-growing media segments on the planet, Hospital Placed Media growth continues to soar in 2020. 

Colleges and universities are being strategic in their marketing and advertising plans to feature specific campaigns to their target audience.  Duke University and The Ohio State are among the newest to successfully leverage hospital placed media to promote their Colleges of Nursing. These initiatives have content focused on RN, MSN, Doctor of Nursing Practice, as well as Master of Healthcare Innovation programs.

With streaming radio and people turning to podcasts, the traditional radio audience is eroding.  Innovare Sales Manager, Jon O’Dowd commented, “savvy marketers are turning to new, unconventional media opportunities to reach their ideal audience.  At Innovare, we are excited to be at the forefront of the trend and happy to be supporting colleges and universities with an ideal media placement.”

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