Hospital Placed Media is Driving New Customers to Auto Dealerships 


Innovare Medical Media has pioneered the location-based media segment by establishing strategically placed digital ads on hospital campuses. This advertising opportunity has demonstrated the explosive potential to reach a highly valued targeted audience with superior demographics to traditional media.  

Innovare customer, Ray Catena of Union, noticed a significant spike in traffic by utilizing the Innovare marketing platform. Typically, auto dealerships spend a large percentage of their budgets on billboard and online campaigns Now, with Hospital Placed Media (HPM) providing a new medium for targeted marketing with individuals that can afford to buy or lease a new vehicle, auto dealerships are shifting their spending. Ray Catena was searching for a new audience for their marketing campaigns, being in an ultra-competitive environment, where choice is abundant, it was crucial to seek out innovative media opportunities and minimize wasteful spending to stay ahead of the competition. 

Sue Hengstler, Controller at Ray Catena of Union commented, “we have been thrilled with the results and have noticed a direct impact on our business with an increase in customers.” 

The Why

Hospital Placed Media offers an ideal platform that enables businesses to reach high-end target audiences strategically. High-household income, great age, and education demographics, including healthcare professionals and administrators, have savvy marketers investing in HPM more and more.

The Results

Since this partnership, Ray Catena has gone on to partner with two additional hospitals in New Jersey and has been running various successful campaigns for the past six years. Knowing the hospital audience is growing and becoming more and more valuable, it was a no-brainer to lock in the space ahead of the competition. Sue continued to comment, “The high-end physicians, employer staff, visitors, and patients that the hospital retains are an extremely attractive audience for our dealership to constantly appeal to. In addition, unlike other mediums, the large hospital represents a localized (30-mile radius), impactful demographic that is our ideal target market.”

How is your business taking advantage of innovative marketing in 2020? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today.