Interviewing an Innovare Sales Specialist

Erik Hartranft’s Story

We had the opportunity to ask Erik Hartranft a few questions about himself, Innovare Medical Media, and his sales role at the business.

Innovare: Most importantly Erik, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Erik: Thank you. Foremost, I am proud to be married for over 20 years.  I enjoy playing golf on the weekends and watching my nieces and nephews play sports.  I love traveling to different places across the country and enjoy eating at local restaurants “where the locals eat”.


Innovare: How long have you worked in the Out of Home Place-based industry (OOH)? Tell us about your experience and understanding of the market.

Erik: I have been in the OOH industry since 2004 and before that I was a Radio DJ for 16 years.  I love prospecting new businesses and talking to them about Hospital Placed Media.  There’s an incredible amount of education because 99% of companies have never heard of our niche hospital industry.  I enjoy talking about this innovative opportunity and finding out if this is a good initiative for their business to be in front of healthcare professionals, visitors, and patients.


Innovare: Erik, what brought you to Innovare Medical Media and Hospital Placed Media (HPM)?  In addition, Innovare has about 165 hospital partners; How many hospital partnerships did Innovare have when you started and what are your thoughts on the growth?

Erik: I truly love the small family business vibe.  It’s great to have conversations with ownership and my team to help onboard clients.  It feels as if we are all in the trenches together – it’s very collaborative and teamwork oriented.  I started with Innovare when the company had only 37 hospitals and I had no idea we would add almost 130 more partnerships in just 7 years.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working with hospital partners located in Miami, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and other Designated Market Areas (DMA’s).


Innovare: What is your favorite part of being on the Innovare team?

Erik: I really like working with my teammates with brainstorming how best to promote small local businesses through our platform.  In addition, I like working with management to get the best advertising packages together, whether it’s a small family-owned flower shop or the largest University in the region.


Innovare: What do you look forward to in your career and at Innovare in the years to come?

Erik: I’m looking forward to continuing to leverage our footprint and become even more attractive to larger marketers.  A platform of 250-500 hospitals would do just that!


Innovare: Lastly Erik, what do you do for fun?

Erik: Golf and more golf, and Philadelphia Sports.  I’m a 5 for 5 guy, including Villanova Basketball.  When I travel for work, I always try to attend a sporting event.  In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Seattle Sounders game, a Monday Night Football game in Kansas City, an Arizona State Wrestling match in Tempe, and many more!