Samantha J. Sampey is Innovare’s Senior National Sales Specialist

Samantha J. Sampey is Innovare’s Senior National Sales Specialist and has been with the business for over 8 years. We were excited to ask her some questions about herself and her time at Innovare.

Innovare: Samantha, you were recently tasked with growing Innovare’s National business by establishing relationships with agencies and educating them on HPM. Will you tell us about National HPM and this unique Innovare opportunity?

Samantha: It’s been amazing to be a part of Innovare’s growth in the national advertising space, and to be working with some of the best brands and agency partners. Innovare provides a unique opportunity to reach a highly valuable target audience inside hospitals. Not only are we delivering a high volume of views from providers and healthcare users to healthcare-related businesses, but we are also able to reach a high income-earning, credit-worthy clientele for leaders in the retail, finance, automotive and education space. Our national advertisers and agency partners really see the value in the audience and place our media on a regional and national basis to leverage the demographics and build exceptional awareness for their brands.


Innovare: Samantha, tell us a little about yourself. What “gets you up in the morning” personally and professionally?

Samantha: Personally, it has been the most exciting time of my life with the birth of my first child. It’s been so fun to see our son grow and develop his own little personality! I appreciate the support and guidance I’ve received from our team at Innovare, and it’s important to me to be able to grow my family and my career, and I’m grateful to Innovare for providing me with the opportunity to do that. Professionally, it’s so exciting to see what each day will bring. Innovare is growing and evolving and expanding into new avenues. With the national side of business becoming an important focus, our programmatic efforts starting to really take off, and our local and regional projects continuing to drive our business, it’s really an awesome evolution and that’s really the best part about it.


Innovare: What brought you to Innovare Medical Media and Hospital Placed Media (HPM)? In addition, Innovare has over 160 hospital partners; How many hospital partnerships did Innovare have when you started and what are your thoughts on the growth?

Samantha: Having a marketing and advertising background when I found myself looking for a new role, I set my sights on the healthcare industry, and really took an interest in what a sales role in this space would look like. Innovare provided an opportunity to work on the sales side, and in the advertising space within the healthcare sector. Back in 2013 when I began my career at Innovare, we were an up-and-coming business with 12 hospitals, so I was able to see the vision from the leadership and how I could grow with the company. Fast forward to 2022; Innovare is now partnered with over 160 hospitals and health systems, and it’s been an exciting journey from where we started to where we are now, and we are not slowing down!


Innovare: Being one of Innovare’s most tenured teammates, what do you like about Innovare’s business model and corporate culture.

Samantha: I like most that we are a family business, and our team has really been able to grow alongside each other. Innovare is really a work-hard, play-hard culture and has allowed me to form some of the best relationships I have in my life. Our business model has provided our company tremendous growth, and the culture is really a fun and collaborative atmosphere. With all the challenges of the last couple of years, being mostly in a virtual environment, Innovare was able to keep our team strong and our business flourishing, and we were able to make the most out of a challenging situation. Our team is stronger than ever even with the ups and downs of the past two years!


Innovare: Samantha, you helped establish the industry of Hospital Placed Media. Why do you believe it’s such a tremendous niche opportunity?

Samantha: The Hospital Placed Media platform is the only vehicle for reaching key audiences inside hospitals. There is no other venue that provides a high impact, digital out-of-home, and
place-based media opportunity like HPM. With nearly 400 display opportunities delivering over half a billion annual impressions from both healthcare providers and healthcare users, Innovare provides a niche opportunity to reach key audiences on a hyperlocal, community level and scale that strategic focus across the United States. Hospitals are the main economic engines in every community, and our platform provides a unique and scalable solution to reach these audiences.


Innovare: Lastly, and far more importantly, what is your favorite NFL team and who is going to win the 2022-2023 NFL season?

Samantha: Ha! Being from the Pittsburgh area, I will always be a diehard Steelers fan! (The past couple seasons notwithstanding!) You can tell by the Terrible Towel hanging proudly at my desk!