Interviewing a Sales Specialist at Innovare

Tom Campbell began his career at Innovare Medical Media in the Summer of 2018 and has been an integral part in the businesses success, growth and culture.  Innovare asked Tom to talk about his life at Innovare and life outside of the office.  Thanks Tom!

Tom, you came to the Innovare team in 2018 with a wealth of sales experience in healthcare and financial services.  Talk to us about your experience over the years transitioning to Hospital Placed Media sales.

My time at Prudential Financial Services afforded me the experience to become proficient in business management, talent recruitment, healthcare, and insurance & financial service needs. Having been in management with three satellite offices, I gained an understanding of wealth accumulation, wealth protection and healthcare services. Budgeting, strategic planning, marketing strategies and business planning were some of my prior responsibilities. Transitioning to Innovare Medical Media allowed me to use my experiences, while having a career, (not just a job) and it gave me the ability to work with a product/service that I strongly believe in.  With Innovare, I’ve been given the opportunity to provide a marketing strategy that is uniquely different to a demographic that I believe separates a client from the rest of the competition.

In 2018, I was looking for an opportunity to have a career in a large corporation. Having been in sales and betting on my ability to perform while being a “spoke in someone’s wheel”, I realized it was time for a change. Innovare Medical Media was just that, a Family-Owned Business with high growth in a healthcare field that is the fastest growing field in any business sector. After interviewing with the management team and listening to their vision and the opportunity that was in front of me, I was sure Innovare was where I wanted to be.

What most interests you about the Hospital Placed Media industry?

Hospital Placed Media (HPM) is a marketing eutopia. HPM provides advertising clients a demographic that includes Healthcare Professionals (high income earners) staff, and the communities they serve.  The concept of being branded on digital media allows for multiple messaging on-campus inside the Medical Centers.  I believe that this concept separates clients from others that are not utilizing HPM as Medical Centers provide a captive audience along with high traffic in high dwell areas.

What is your favorite part about being on the Innovare team?

Innovare, being a Family-Owned Business comes with a culture where ideas and thoughts are shared comfortably. Success and accomplishments are celebrated, and a winning TEAM environment exists!  The growth in the HPM industry provides regular excitement. Innovare is a great place to bet on yourself, bet on your peers, and have the support of management.

Talk to us a little about what goes on outside of your Innovare life.

Outside of working with Innovare, I am blessed to have a wife Nancy, with whom I’ve spent the last 40 years with.  Together, we share three beautiful children (Courtney, Caitlyn and Joseph) and two grandchildren (Aria & Sawyer). My wife and I enjoy going to dinner, taking in Broadway Shows and going to see a movie whenever possible. Our grandchildren keep us entertained and happy. One of the greatest gifts in life is being a grandparent! Aria swim’s competitive year-round on a U10 traveling swim team and Sawyer has launched his newfound love for soccer in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Both my wife and I are New York Giants football fans and New York Yankees baseball fans. You will find us at a few games watching loyally.

My personal motto: Be happy, be kind, love life, believe in a higher power and make money. That’s Life!