Innovare Partners with The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME)

CAHME Reaches Healthcare Professionals Nationwide on 100+ LCD’s


Innovare Medical Media (Innovare) is thrilled to be partnering with The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Innovare will be sponsoring two 4-week campaigns between September and December 2022, for CAHME to reach healthcare professionals nationwide. Through an accreditation process, CAHME actively promotes continuous improvement in the preparation of future healthcare leaders by developing measurable, competency-based criteria for excellence in healthcare management at leading universities around the globe. Ensuring the health of our communities depends on creative, knowledgeable and mission driven professionals. Graduating from a CAHME Accredited program helps to better prepare the future leaders of healthcare.

Nicholas Lieberman, Innovare President & Co-Founder, is excited by the partnership: “CAHME’s non-profit mission in healthcare education is commendable, and Innovare is thrilled to be able to help CAHME reach a healthcare professional audience that clearly values education for themselves and their family. We look forward to seeing CAHME’s vision, of more universities instituting their critical accreditation process, continue to excel”. Anthony Stanowski, CAHME President and CEO said, “Innovare is committed to their health system clients to direct ambitious employees to accredited healthcare management programs, which will better advance their career. Through their generosity, Innovare is directly helping to improve healthcare.”

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Biener Invests in Hospital Placed Media

About Biener Ford and Audi


Since 1929, the Biener family of auto dealerships on Long Island have created an environment where customers truly feel comfortable shopping. Biener has always believed that by caring for a customers’ needs, answering questions honestly and treating them with respect, they will build solid, long-lasting relationships. That’s why Biener’s team of experts is completely committed to every customer who walks through their doors.

Once you shop at Biener’s family-owned Audi or Ford dealerships, you in a sense, become a member of the Biener family. Since they first opened their doors in 1929, they’ve welcomed many New York area residents to their dealerships with the hope that they’ll return time and time again. The proof of their success is in their long list of accolades;  having been named one of the best dealerships of the year by, as well as being a recipient of Audi’s coveted Magna Society to name just two.

Biener Invests in Hospital Placed Media with Innovare Medical Media

Where do you find a large audience in one location, that recurringly buys multiple high-end vehicles for themselves and their families every year?  The answer to this question for Biener Audi is Hospital Placed Media (HPM) at North Shore – Long Island Jewish and North Shore University Hospital.  These Hospitals alone boast healthcare professional employment of over 16,000 individuals.  These people are typically local residents who are doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physician assistants, administrations, and other positions who are financially qualified to purchase high end vehicles over and over again. However, you’d be remiss to discount the patient and visitor exposure, with High-Income healthcare users and their families typically geographically located near the hospitals.

Biener Audi began its investment in HPM with Innovare in 2013 and has only increased its investment year over year.  They are advertising on two large format fabrics in the employee garages and two LCD embedded mobile phone charging units, which engages the audience.  Jeb Ladouceur, Biener’s Marketing specialist at Encore Marketing Consultants Group, highlighted why HPM is so important to their marketing efforts: “The Ford and Audi brands that Biener represents are a perfect fit for the patients, visitors and professionals who frequent these superb medical facilities”.

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Credit Unions Invest in Hospital Placed Media






To Whom it May Concern,

UMassFive knows that when a community comes together, great things happen. That’s why we are dedicated to not only serving our members, but the community we all live in. Therefore, when Innovare contacted us about the Community Showcase Display Program at Mercy Medical Center, we were very interested. With a local branch right on the hospital’s campus, spreading the word about the mission of the Credit Union to all who work, visit, and get treatment here is vitally important to us.

Originally, UMassFive participated in the advertising program in 2016 for a 72-month commitment in digital and static locations throughout the hospital. We were comfortable with this because we knew this is our target audience, and we were looking for additional ways to help continue to grow our membership. In 2022, we doubled down for an 84-month commitment, having seen success in advertising through the Community Showcase Display Program to help us achieve our goal.

Innovare has brought UMassFive a tremendous audience at the hospital. Since we cherish our relationship with the those that work here, as well as the greater community, what better location could we spend our marketing budget?! Innovare has been wonderful to work with and we would recommend them to other credit unions and businesses who are looking for a great community-based audience and a way to connect with them.

Kind regards,



Craig Boivin
VP of Marketing


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Samantha J. Sampey is Innovare’s Senior National Sales Specialist

Samantha J. Sampey is Innovare’s Senior National Sales Specialist and has been with the business for over 8 years. We were excited to ask her some questions about herself and her time at Innovare.

Innovare: Samantha, you were recently tasked with growing Innovare’s National business by establishing relationships with agencies and educating them on HPM. Will you tell us about National HPM and this unique Innovare opportunity?

Samantha: It’s been amazing to be a part of Innovare’s growth in the national advertising space, and to be working with some of the best brands and agency partners. Innovare provides a unique opportunity to reach a highly valuable target audience inside hospitals. Not only are we delivering a high volume of views from providers and healthcare users to healthcare-related businesses, but we are also able to reach a high income-earning, credit-worthy clientele for leaders in the retail, finance, automotive and education space. Our national advertisers and agency partners really see the value in the audience and place our media on a regional and national basis to leverage the demographics and build exceptional awareness for their brands.


Innovare: Samantha, tell us a little about yourself. What “gets you up in the morning” personally and professionally?

Samantha: Personally, it has been the most exciting time of my life with the birth of my first child. It’s been so fun to see our son grow and develop his own little personality! I appreciate the support and guidance I’ve received from our team at Innovare, and it’s important to me to be able to grow my family and my career, and I’m grateful to Innovare for providing me with the opportunity to do that. Professionally, it’s so exciting to see what each day will bring. Innovare is growing and evolving and expanding into new avenues. With the national side of business becoming an important focus, our programmatic efforts starting to really take off, and our local and regional projects continuing to drive our business, it’s really an awesome evolution and that’s really the best part about it.


Innovare: What brought you to Innovare Medical Media and Hospital Placed Media (HPM)? In addition, Innovare has over 160 hospital partners; How many hospital partnerships did Innovare have when you started and what are your thoughts on the growth?

Samantha: Having a marketing and advertising background when I found myself looking for a new role, I set my sights on the healthcare industry, and really took an interest in what a sales role in this space would look like. Innovare provided an opportunity to work on the sales side, and in the advertising space within the healthcare sector. Back in 2013 when I began my career at Innovare, we were an up-and-coming business with 12 hospitals, so I was able to see the vision from the leadership and how I could grow with the company. Fast forward to 2022; Innovare is now partnered with over 160 hospitals and health systems, and it’s been an exciting journey from where we started to where we are now, and we are not slowing down!


Innovare: Being one of Innovare’s most tenured teammates, what do you like about Innovare’s business model and corporate culture.

Samantha: I like most that we are a family business, and our team has really been able to grow alongside each other. Innovare is really a work-hard, play-hard culture and has allowed me to form some of the best relationships I have in my life. Our business model has provided our company tremendous growth, and the culture is really a fun and collaborative atmosphere. With all the challenges of the last couple of years, being mostly in a virtual environment, Innovare was able to keep our team strong and our business flourishing, and we were able to make the most out of a challenging situation. Our team is stronger than ever even with the ups and downs of the past two years!


Innovare: Samantha, you helped establish the industry of Hospital Placed Media. Why do you believe it’s such a tremendous niche opportunity?

Samantha: The Hospital Placed Media platform is the only vehicle for reaching key audiences inside hospitals. There is no other venue that provides a high impact, digital out-of-home, and
place-based media opportunity like HPM. With nearly 400 display opportunities delivering over half a billion annual impressions from both healthcare providers and healthcare users, Innovare provides a niche opportunity to reach key audiences on a hyperlocal, community level and scale that strategic focus across the United States. Hospitals are the main economic engines in every community, and our platform provides a unique and scalable solution to reach these audiences.


Innovare: Lastly, and far more importantly, what is your favorite NFL team and who is going to win the 2022-2023 NFL season?

Samantha: Ha! Being from the Pittsburgh area, I will always be a diehard Steelers fan! (The past couple seasons notwithstanding!) You can tell by the Terrible Towel hanging proudly at my desk!

Innovare Hospital Placed Media Inventory – Now Available on Leading Programmatic Platforms

As featured in OOH Today

After a successful initial programmatic test with AdOmni, Innovare has listed some of its Hospital Placed Media inventory with other programmatic platforms.  There has been a great response with Vistar and in a short period of time Innovare has seen a flurry of activity through Place Exchange, Broadsign, and Hivestack.  This has been very encouraging to see as smart media buyers are picking up this valuable venue (Hospitals) and investing their precious media dollars to reach a high-end audience of healthcare professionals and high-income healthcare users.

Read more on this feature at OOH Today

3 charging stations

Westchester Community College Values Hospital Placed Media

Debbie Pizzino, Media Director at THOMPSON & BENDER, was able to answer some questions about her clients, Westchester Community College, media objectives with Hospital Placed Media.

1. Westchester Community College has been a client of Innovare Medical Media since 2020 and continues to invest in Hospital Placed Media (HPM) – what has been your experience?

SUNY-WCC is partnering with Innovare to build awareness of the many healthcare courses and workforce development programs offered at the college. Exposure in the identified locations/hospitals provides reach in key target markets.

2. Hospital Placed Media presents a valuable audience, including high household income, age, and education demographics. What is the marketing strategy for SUNY-WCC when targeting patients, visitors and/or healthcare professionals?

The marketing strategy is to ultimately grow enrollment at SUNY-WCC. HPM delivers a very targeted audience, allowing us to reach our core demographic in a relevant atmosphere when they are most likely to think about a healthcare-related career/opportunity.

3. By investing in HPM in 4 hospitals, WCC’s campaign gets over 10 million annual impressions from a highly valuable audience. What do you want this audience to know?

SUNY WCC wants the target audience to know about the healthcare course opportunities available at the college.

4. What has your experience been like working with the Innovare Medical Media team?

Our experience has been great working with the Innovare Medical Media team. Outreach and response have been strong and efficient. The team has been extremely nice and are easy to work with.


A Partnership for Easier Breathing

Tune in to Champions Unite on August 25, 2022

Champions Unite is a one-of-a-kind off-field talent show to support the American Lung Association. The show, televised on Spectrum SportsNet on August 25th, will unite professional athletes from southern California pro-sports clubs to compete by performing their hidden talents to raise life-saving funds and awareness for lung health. The athlete with the most votes or total donations wins!

Together in partnership, Collidescope, Innovare and the American Lung Association are excited to be featuring this unique and entertaining show across Innovare’s Hospital Placed Media network in southern California. Collidescope co-founder, Nick Lynch, met Innovare while exploring strategic digital place-based media options and found the right fit for this campaign with the Lung Association.

As American Lung Association Board Member, former MLB Outfielder and Voice of The San Diego Padres Tony Gwynn Jr. commented, “tune in to watch Champions Unite…this is sure to be a hit”.

Get out and Play! – National Play Catch Week!

Innovare teamed up with The Play Catch Movement to promote the benefits of playing catch to improve the welfare of children and the quality of life for adults through the game of catch.

National Play Catch Week 2022 is June 19 – 25 and this initiative is being featured in over 140 digital platforms across Innovare’s hospital partners, nation-wide. This content is encouraging everyone to enjoy the positive impact the game of catch can have on ourselves and others. Hall of Fame pitcher and St. Luke’s University Health Network Community Ambassador, Steve Carlton also got on the campaign and he knows a few things about playing catch!

National Play Catch Week is a great time to enjoy the green grass, summer sun, and have fun playing catch. George Bernard Shaw said it best, “We do not stop playing (catch) because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing (catch).” Maybe he had catch in mind when he made such a profound statement; either way, playing catch can help everyone, from young children to seniors. The Play Catch Movement is created to help encourage, inspire, and motivate everyone to never grow old. Learn more about The Play Catch Movement at

About Innovare Medical Media (Innovare): Innovare is a media company dedicated to exclusively working with hospitals on a mission to infuse healthcare with INNOVATION and an ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Innovare provides numerous essential patient, visitor and healthcare professional cellphone charging stations which concurrently deliver cutting edge hospital marketing and branding messages. Innovare also contributes a percentage of these programs’ gross revenue directly to its hospital partners. Currently, Innovare has a network of 165 hospitals and believes that by 2032, over 500 hospitals will choose to partner with Innovare to leverage this unique entrepreneurial model.

Above photograph installed in Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, CA.

Getting to know Carol C. Dorey Real Estate

Lauren Pickard, Marketing Manager at Carol C. Dorey Real Estate Inc., was kind enough to answer a few questions for Innovare on Hospital Placed Media (HPM)


  1. Carol Dorey Real Estate has been a client of Innovare since 2021 and continues to invest in Hospital Placed Media (HPM) – what has been your experience?

We have heard from many of our clients in the healthcare field that they love seeing our ads and that it’s been a topic of conversation – which is exactly what we wanted.

  1. Hospital Placed Media presents a valuable audience including high household income, age and education demographics. What is the marketing strategy for Carol Dorey Real Estate when targeting patients, visitors and/or healthcare professionals?

We are targeting exactly that – high household income. Carol C. Dorey Real Estate, Inc. specializes in representing the top 20% of the marketplace – homes valued above $300,000. We know that those working at the healthcare facilities are likely wanting to size up or down, or are planning on relocating and in need of either purchasing or listing a home. 

  1. By investing in HPM in 3 hospitals, Carol Dorey Real Estate’s campaign gets nearly 4 million annual impressions from a highly valuable audience. What do you want this audience to know?

Our goal is to let our audience know that we are fully capable of meeting their real state needs, whether they’re buying or selling – or both. We are a high-end boutique brokerage, and we offer a level of service to our agents and their clients that most other offices cannot.

  1. What has your experience been like working with the Innovare Medical Media team?

Our experience with the Innovare Medical Media team has always been pleasant. They are a joy to work with and we are grateful to be working with them!

Interviewing an Innovare Sales Specialist

Erik Hartranft’s Story

We had the opportunity to ask Erik Hartranft a few questions about himself, Innovare Medical Media, and his sales role at the business.

Innovare: Most importantly Erik, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Erik: Thank you. Foremost, I am proud to be married for over 20 years.  I enjoy playing golf on the weekends and watching my nieces and nephews play sports.  I love traveling to different places across the country and enjoy eating at local restaurants “where the locals eat”.


Innovare: How long have you worked in the Out of Home Place-based industry (OOH)? Tell us about your experience and understanding of the market.

Erik: I have been in the OOH industry since 2004 and before that I was a Radio DJ for 16 years.  I love prospecting new businesses and talking to them about Hospital Placed Media.  There’s an incredible amount of education because 99% of companies have never heard of our niche hospital industry.  I enjoy talking about this innovative opportunity and finding out if this is a good initiative for their business to be in front of healthcare professionals, visitors, and patients.


Innovare: Erik, what brought you to Innovare Medical Media and Hospital Placed Media (HPM)?  In addition, Innovare has about 165 hospital partners; How many hospital partnerships did Innovare have when you started and what are your thoughts on the growth?

Erik: I truly love the small family business vibe.  It’s great to have conversations with ownership and my team to help onboard clients.  It feels as if we are all in the trenches together – it’s very collaborative and teamwork oriented.  I started with Innovare when the company had only 37 hospitals and I had no idea we would add almost 130 more partnerships in just 7 years.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working with hospital partners located in Miami, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and other Designated Market Areas (DMA’s).


Innovare: What is your favorite part of being on the Innovare team?

Erik: I really like working with my teammates with brainstorming how best to promote small local businesses through our platform.  In addition, I like working with management to get the best advertising packages together, whether it’s a small family-owned flower shop or the largest University in the region.


Innovare: What do you look forward to in your career and at Innovare in the years to come?

Erik: I’m looking forward to continuing to leverage our footprint and become even more attractive to larger marketers.  A platform of 250-500 hospitals would do just that!


Innovare: Lastly Erik, what do you do for fun?

Erik: Golf and more golf, and Philadelphia Sports.  I’m a 5 for 5 guy, including Villanova Basketball.  When I travel for work, I always try to attend a sporting event.  In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Seattle Sounders game, a Monday Night Football game in Kansas City, an Arizona State Wrestling match in Tempe, and many more!

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