Real Estate Building on New Media Opportunities

Hospital Placed Media Presents a Target Audience for Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Specialist, Carol Dorey mentioned, “We are always looking for new ways to reach potential clients in the Lehigh Valley, particularly within the medical circuit. Innovare reached out to us about an opportunity to advertise on-screens at multiple St. Luke’s locations and we jumped at the opportunity to partner with a renowned health system. Working with the team at Innovare has allowed us to seamlessly and effectively reach our desired clientele.”

“Advertisers continue to fine tune their planning with an increased focus on the right audience,” Jon O’Dowd at Innovare commented.  “With the targeted local demographics at the hospital, businesses can segment their campaigns to reach healthcare professionals as well as visitors and patients at their local hospital.  Considering the growth Hospital Placed Media has experienced, the trend is very encouraging giving more advertisers access to a highly valuable audience,” O’Dowd added.

Place Based Media in 2022

Digital Hospital Placed Media Continues to Grow

Placed Based Media is marketing placed in a specific location that’s targets a specific group of people.  As one of the many Out Of Home media formats advertisers can invest in, Place Based is rapidly growing and spending is expected to increase approximately 20% by 2027 ( July 2020).

“Hospital Placed Media presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly-valued audience,” says Kelly Gaunt at Innovare.  “Leading businesses such as colleges, banks, auto dealerships and real estate companies are increasing their presence within Hospitals across the Innovare Hospital Placed Media Network.  These businesses have found a strategic way to invest in a media platform with minimal waste as their campaigns are directed at an ideal target audience with highly valuable demographics.”

PQ Media (via Digiday) forecasted that out-of-home (OOH) advertising revenue would grow 6.6% in 2021. And according to recent figures from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 88% of the top 100 OOH advertisers increased their OOH budgets in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020.  “As businesses continue to invest in new advertising plans for 2022, it has been incredible to see these businesses capitalize on the Innovare Hospital Placed Media opportunities across the country,” Gaunt added.

Colleges and Universities are Smart Advertisers

Moravian University Continues Investing in Hospital Placed Media


Innovare Medical Media has been a cornerstone of our marketing efforts for several years now,” says Brian Martin, Director of Graduate Admissions Moravian University.  “We offer multiple healthcare programs and there is no better way to capture the attention of prospective students looking to further their education than through the digital placements offered through Innovare,” Martin added.

Colleges seem to advertise nearly everywhere—on TV, billboards, radio, transit and now, more than ever Hospitals.  “For colleges looking to increase enrollment of online programs and strengthen their brand, hospitals have proven to be a valuable place,” commented Erik Hartranft of Innovare Medical Media.  “In the past five years, Innovare has seen a surge of colleges and universities investing in the Hospital Placed Media network to feature RN to BSN, MSN and MBA programs to healthcare professionals,” Hartranft added.  Moravian University’s Martin concluded, “Enrollment managers looking to make the most of their marketing dollars have found a gem with Innovare’s Hospital Placed Media network.”

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s “Free February Admission”

As written by Stann Tate, Marketing Director, Menorah Medical Center and Tournament Director, NLBM Summer Classic

Innovare Media is not just a great business partner, they’re a wonderful steward of our community and the programs we support at Menorah Medical Center. Innovare is allowing us to promote the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s “Free February Admission” message (through their digital displays at our hospital). They not only provide us with great technology for messaging, they truly care about us as a client and help us get behind what matters in our community.

Menorah Medical Center has been a proud partner with Innovare Media for several years now. Their CEO, Michael Ricciardi,  recently asked us how they could support our community engagement programs. As a volunteer with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, I am always looking for ways to create awareness of the Museum. Innovare graciously included the NLBM’s “Free February Admission” program on the digital display screens at our hospital. It’s one thing to have a business partner to provide you with great service on what your agreement states, but to have them get involved in your community engagement initiatives is something I never expected. This is why we continue to work with the outstanding team and leaders at Innovare Media, they truly care about their clients like friends and family.

Innovare Graphics Guru is no Grinch

Spreading Joy with Holiday Creative

“I love this time of year and all the festivities at Christmas,” said Lindsay Speranza, Graphics Guru at Innovare.  “It was wonderful working with our clients to express joyful holiday messages and new year wishes to healthcare professionals at our hospitals”.

Innovare worked with over 50 clients this holiday season to update their content at no cost and feature creative with a fresh look going into the new year.  Julie Serratelli, Creative Captain at Innovare commented, “it was so nice to see all the clients shift their message to send all the healthcare workers all the best in 2022.”

From our team to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2022!


Innovare Partners with eHealth – Medicare Made Easy

PDF VERSION: Innovare eHealth Press Release

[INNOVARE MEDICAL MEDIA HQ}, November 9, 2021 — Patient engagement leader Innovare Medical Media (Innovare) announced today that it has forged a new strategic partnership with leading online health insurance marketplace eHealth, Inc. to help consumers learn about Medicare coverage options and the value of Medicare Advantage plans.

Innovare Co-founder, Michael Ricciardi said, “Innovare has been on the forefront of connecting leading businesses with the ideal healthcare target audiences and we are happy our paths crossed with the strategic team at eHealth.  From our initial discussions it was evident that the Innovare Medical Media’s Nationwide hospital digital signage platform would be a good match for the education and awareness initiatives of eHealth, showcasing important content directly to a valuable audience – patients, family members and staff at the hospital.”

As a licensed online health insurance broker with over 20 years of experience, eHealth has helped millions of Americans review their coverage options, see which plans cover their preferred doctors and personal drug regimen, and enroll in the best plan for their personal needs and budget. There is no additional charge for eHealth’s services.  Consumers can visit to find out just how easy it is to find plans in their area that include their preferred doctors and hospital networks.

Alan Jones, Vice President of Provider Partnerships at eHealth, commented, “The future of health care is consumer-first, built on trust and unbiased transparency. With Innovare we are finding new ways to empower patients and their families to make better care and coverage decisions.”

The feedback from the Innovare Hospital Placed Media Network has been very positive.

“In my experience working with patients and families at the hospital, all the changes in healthcare have made things confusing and they tend to have a lot of questions.  The eHealth creative running on the Innovare screens at our hospitals has helped create more awareness on Medicare enrollment and directs our patients and families to a resource that simplifies the process.” – Social Worker from Innovare Network Hospital

“With increasing healthcare costs and decreasing reimbursements, hospital leaders find the Innovare proprietary economic model a critical financial building block for the future,” Ricciardi added.

At ZERO cost to the hospitals, Innovare has already deployed over 350 digital phone charging stations across the country, a free benefit for patients, visitors and staff in hospital cafeterias and public areas. Paired with each charging station is a large digital screen which provides marketing messages for hospital initiatives and approved sponsors such as eHealth, along with colleges/universities, banks/credit unions, etc. Supported by its partners, Innovare has already contributed over $4.0 million back to its 150+ hospital partners.

About eHealth, Inc.

eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH) operates a leading health insurance marketplace at and with technology that provides consumers with health insurance enrollment solutions. Since 1997, we have connected more than 8 million members with quality, affordable health insurance, Medicare options, and ancillary plans. Our proprietary marketplace offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D prescription drug, individual, family, small business and other plans from over 200 health insurance carriers across fifty states and the District of Columbia.

About Innovare Medical Media, LLC.

Innovare Medical Media, LLC. (Innovare) is a U.S. based healthcare media company that works exclusively with medium-to-large leading hospitals and health systems coast to coast. Founded in 2010, Innovare has pioneered a Hospital Placed Media network, which provides impactful digital signage opportunities visible to patients, visitors and healthcare professionals on hospital campuses across the country.  Over 150 hospitals have received over 350 free phone charging stations. By positioning critical digital signage with the charging stations in key-high traffic areas (cafeterias and public spaces) on the hospital campus, Innovare provides an impactful marketing and communication tool for hospitals and advertisers to reach this highly sought-after target audience. Supported by leading business sponsorships Innovare has contributed over $4.0 million back to our hospital partners.




Hospital Placed Media Continues to Grow

Out of Home (OOH) advertising spending took a tremendous hit in 2020 and is showing signs of recovery in 2021.  Climbing back but off to a slow start, OOH spending was down 30% in the first quarter compared to the previous year.

With a valuable target niche audience, Hospital Placed Media (HPM) is an OOH segment that weathered 2020, and is continuing to rapidly grow through the first six months of 2021.  Leading clients throughout Innovare’s HPM network have increased their spending and doubled down on the length of their campaigns.  Samantha Sampey, Media Sales Consultant at Innovare commented, “Right now, the top categories investing in HPM are colleges/universities, auto dealerships, banks/credit unions, real estate, insurance, and healthcare-related.  With the positioning of high-impact digital display technology, outfitted with cellphone charging capabilities, clients find the visibility to be ideal for reaching valuable demographics.”

Hospital Placed Media continues to be the fastest growing media platform in OOH, where leading local, regional, and national organizations wisely chose to invest their marketing resources to capture the most desired target audiences at the hospital.

Company of the Day: Innovare Media

Company:  Innovare Medical Media

Markets:  Nationwide

Address: 3496 US 22, Somerville, NJ. 08876


Phone:  866-887-2207

Michael Ricciardi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Innovare Medical Media

Innovare operates digital and static screens on 130 hospital campuses in 25 states.  The screens are primarily in  cafeterias, busy waiting areas, and the main lobby areas on hospital campuses.   The majority of the digital displays feature custom designed charging solutions to support patient experience on campus and create greater content visibility due to their placement.  Insider talked with Michael Ricciardi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Tell us about what you do with hospitals?

Innovare creates a concession partnership with hospitals/health systems where our team is responsible for all the heavy lifting.  Innovare provides the display equipment, maintains all the technology, and shares a percentage of the revenue with the hospital.  Innovare has already contributed approximately $3.5M to our hospitals.  Also, at no cost, the hospital runs various marketing and communications content on the displays which accounts for approximately 20% of media loop.

Who advertises?

We have seen increased buys from colleges and universities who have been happy with increased enrollment in the programs promoted and greater website traffic to their sites.  This year, with many schools trying to increase awareness on distance learning and online availability, Innovare turned out to be a good niche to promote RN to BSN programs, as well as MSN and physician MBA programs.

We have clients from the automotive industry who offer discounts to healthcare professionals.  Innovare also works with banks, credit unions, financial advisors/wealth managers, insurance and real estate since there is success in the local/regional reach as the audience at a hospital is local (30 mi radius) with little waste.

How has covid impacted your company?

After a challenging 2020, our team is grateful to have managed through the year well and is looking forward to a new year of new opportunities.  It will be important to continue having fun as a team in 2021 as this past year made it difficult to be together and although we did our best, virtual culture is just is not the same.  In 2019, Innovare added 35 new hospitals, but last year, Innovare only launched 7.  Our goal is to launch 20 new hospitals in 2021.  Innovare is optimistic that our contributions to our hospitals will exceed $4M very soon.   In addition, we are excited to grow our sales team to support new opportunities and continue growing the the platform across the country.  The niche target demographics and affordable CPM have made our platform a good buy.

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