The Scrollers are indeed impressive as is the placement. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could enter or exit the hospital without seeing the ads.

Theresa LaRocca-Meyer – VP Enrollment Management – St. Joseph’s College

Service Electric Cable Television is proud to be a supporter of St. Luke’s Hospital and Innovare Medical Media & thank them for all they do for our Community.

Steve Salash – Marketing Director – Service Electric Cable Television

National Penn Bank is pleased to partner with St. Luke’s and IMM on this effort. National Penn would like to thank St. Luke’s Hospital and Innovare Medical Media for creating more ways for us to reach our audience!

Pete Gray – Northern Region President - National Penn Bank

After partnering with Innovare for two years, we are thrilled with the results and the direct impact to our business.  We were recently excited to extend this partnership for an additional three years and have even increased our presence though additional locations at the hospital.

Sue Hengstler, Controller

“…the graphics both looked great!! In fact, we have already had two employees from the hospital come and open accounts here because of the advertising at the hospital so we are very pleased”.

Susan A Rodriguez, CEO Baker Federal Credit Union

Innovare Medical Media has assisted us in becoming more recognizable to those who see our signage at Winthrop-University Hospital, North Shore University & Long Island Jewish Medical Center. By placing our company’s name in the more prominent areas of the hospitals’ campuses, we are able to quickly attract the attention of the audience. We believe that Innovare Medical Media is a very worthy business partner in reaching out to prospective clients in both healthcare and financial services markets.

Scott Sanders, CPA, PFS, CFP, CFS – Partner – Sanders Thaler & Katz

Innovare Medical Media has presented us with another method in which we are able to reach those most directly impacted by the need for our services. Our increased presence within the health system setting provides us exposure to staff, visitors, patients and their families, helping us to increase awareness, and participation in our Community.

Marie S. Clemens – Director, Public Relations – Miller Keystone Blood Center

When we were approached by Innovare we were immediately thrilled to get our image in front of the hospital employee, doctor and administration audience.  There are very few places in the community where you can find this extreme high net wealth in one location.

Caren Myers, General Manager