Digital Signage for Hospital Parking Garages

parking garage signage

Now more than ever, if you visit any hospital in America, you will find packed parking garages and filled waiting rooms. In fact, according to, in 2019 alone, there were over 36.2 million hospital admissions in the United States. 

Very few other types of facilities see this level of traffic, and this is what makes digital signage in hospital parking garages such an effective way of boosting brand awareness. Hospital parking signs from Innovare Medical Media are a visually stimulating solution that can help improve the overall patient experience from the moment they arrive at hospital.

Digital Parking Garage Signs

Covered parking garages are usually poorly lit and the environment they present can be somewhat somber because these spaces tend to have no shortage of bare, cinderblock walls, especially near the elevators. As a result, digital parking garage signs can be a beacon of light that can help improve the atmosphere and the experience of everyone who visits your hospital. 

Digital parking signs work because they can provide several key benefits, including:

  • Increasing awareness of available hospital services
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle habits
  • Promoting local community outreach efforts and donors
  • Displaying helpful information about Covid-19 and flu and allergy season
  • Showcasing award-winning healthcare providers
  • Showcasing advertisements from local businesses

At Innovare Medical Media, we can provide your hospital with beautiful, custom-made LCD screens for use in your facility’s highest-traffic areas, including your parking garages. From increasing your brand visibility to improving the overall patient experience, our digital signage for hospital parking garages makes for an excellent and affordable investment.

Contact Innovare Medical Media today and find out more about how our hospital parking signs can help your hospital improve patient and visitor satisfaction. 

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