Innovare Medical Media Partners with the Ad Council for Hospital Placed Media

Innovare Medical Media is Proud to Partner Up with the Ad Council to Leverage Hospital Placed Media

Working in partnership with the Ad Council, Innovare Medical Media is proud to leverage Hospital Placed Media to change lives through the power of communication. With a focus on Alzheimer’s awareness, child car safety, diabetes prevention, fatherhood involvement, flu vaccination and saving for retirement, these campaigns will meet audiences at a critical point of care, educating patients and inspiring them to speak with their healthcare provider about these important issues.

Innovare co-founder Michael Ricciardi commented, “It is inspiring to see the powerful work behind The Ad Council and we are grateful to be able to support them with Innovare’s Hospital Placed Media Network.”

“It has been wonderful working with the team at Innovare as together, we have mapped out a great communication plan for 2024,” said Ad Council Assistant Manager Avery Bain. “We won’t stop until we live in a society where every single person can thrive.”