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HOSPITAL Placed Media

Seamless Technology to Enhance Advertising and Patient Experience

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Mobile Charging Stations

Our mobile charging stations and charging bars are thoughtfully designed to provide a much needed power supply to patient’s electronic devices. The sleek design of these stations allow them to enhance the aesthetics of a hospital, as well as the overall patient experience. 

All mobile charging stations and bars are supplied with child-proof, damage-preventative materials that allow the chargers and its cords to perform in top condition throughout their heavy usage. And with the added benefit of our integrated digital screens, these charging stations are a prime advertising medium for both hospitals and businesses.

Digital Advertising Screens

Our custom made LCD digital advertising screens are placed within our mobile charging stations and on their own throughout the hospital space. They provide a bright, attractive place for advertisers to share highly tailored content created specifically for the hospital they’re located in. We with our business partners to determine which advertising screens in their network of hospital partners would provide the greatest return on investment. Advertising at a hospital is made simple through our innovative  technology.

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Secure Media Delivery Network

Through our proprietary and secure media content delivery system, we are able to make changes to all of our digital displays across the country. When a change is requested from a partner, our in-house team is able to respond quickly. This is an important difference from traditional advertising formats and provides significant and meaningful value to our partners. Our partners can effortlessly update their ad placements based on their changing marketing needs. 


Ensuring the proper functionality and presentation of our charging stations and LCD digital advertising screens is our top priority. Our hardware is designed for high traffic spaces. In order to keep it functioning in top condition, we regularly send a member of our team to inspect and service all equipment. This guarantees a positive experience for patient, hospital and advertiser. 

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