Hospital Placed Media Continues to Grow

Out of Home (OOH) advertising spending took a tremendous hit in 2020 and is showing signs of recovery in 2021.  Climbing back but off to a slow start, OOH spending was down 30% in the first quarter compared to the previous year.

With a valuable target niche audience, Hospital Placed Media (HPM) is an OOH segment that weathered 2020, and is continuing to rapidly grow through the first six months of 2021.  Leading clients throughout Innovare’s HPM network have increased their spending and doubled down on the length of their campaigns.  Samantha Sampey, Media Sales Consultant at Innovare commented, “Right now, the top categories investing in HPM are colleges/universities, auto dealerships, banks/credit unions, real estate, insurance, and healthcare-related.  With the positioning of high-impact digital display technology, outfitted with cellphone charging capabilities, clients find the visibility to be ideal for reaching valuable demographics.”

Hospital Placed Media continues to be the fastest growing media platform in OOH, where leading local, regional, and national organizations wisely chose to invest their marketing resources to capture the most desired target audiences at the hospital.

Celebrating 150 Hospital Partners

Thanks to Northwell Health and their continued partnership as Innovare is excited to announce the launch of two more Northwell Health hospitals in NY including Queens and Long Island communities – Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital & Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Medical Center.  This brings Innovare’s total hospital partners to 151 Nationwide, including 27 hospitals in the state of New York.  Innovare, a family start up small-business, has seen dramatic growth from when they signed their first hospital in 2011!

Mike Ricciardi, Partner at Innovare, adds “Expanding this partnership with Northwell Health is a true honor and we look forward to bringing their local healthcare heroes, community members and leading businesses together!”



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Company of the Day: Innovare Media

Company:  Innovare Medical Media

Markets:  Nationwide

Address: 3496 US 22, Somerville, NJ. 08876


Phone:  866-887-2207

Michael Ricciardi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Innovare Medical Media

Innovare operates digital and static screens on 130 hospital campuses in 25 states.  The screens are primarily in  cafeterias, busy waiting areas, and the main lobby areas on hospital campuses.   The majority of the digital displays feature custom designed charging solutions to support patient experience on campus and create greater content visibility due to their placement.  Insider talked with Michael Ricciardi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Tell us about what you do with hospitals?

Innovare creates a concession partnership with hospitals/health systems where our team is responsible for all the heavy lifting.  Innovare provides the display equipment, maintains all the technology, and shares a percentage of the revenue with the hospital.  Innovare has already contributed approximately $3.5M to our hospitals.  Also, at no cost, the hospital runs various marketing and communications content on the displays which accounts for approximately 20% of media loop.

Who advertises?

We have seen increased buys from colleges and universities who have been happy with increased enrollment in the programs promoted and greater website traffic to their sites.  This year, with many schools trying to increase awareness on distance learning and online availability, Innovare turned out to be a good niche to promote RN to BSN programs, as well as MSN and physician MBA programs.

We have clients from the automotive industry who offer discounts to healthcare professionals.  Innovare also works with banks, credit unions, financial advisors/wealth managers, insurance and real estate since there is success in the local/regional reach as the audience at a hospital is local (30 mi radius) with little waste.

How has covid impacted your company?

After a challenging 2020, our team is grateful to have managed through the year well and is looking forward to a new year of new opportunities.  It will be important to continue having fun as a team in 2021 as this past year made it difficult to be together and although we did our best, virtual culture is just is not the same.  In 2019, Innovare added 35 new hospitals, but last year, Innovare only launched 7.  Our goal is to launch 20 new hospitals in 2021.  Innovare is optimistic that our contributions to our hospitals will exceed $4M very soon.   In addition, we are excited to grow our sales team to support new opportunities and continue growing the the platform across the country.  The niche target demographics and affordable CPM have made our platform a good buy.

S&P NW Homes, a Best Choice Realty Company Showcases with Innovare

S&P NW Homes, a Best Choice Realty Company is the newest member to the Innovare Family in Washington

Located in Seattle, WA, S&P NW Homes has agents experienced in the Puget Sound area currently using the newest technology to help find your ideal home.  In October, they noticed the digital signage platform in the local area hospitals and reached out to Innovare about participating in the program.  This seemed like a natural fit and they teamed up with Innovare to communicate a preferred program of discounted closing costs for America’s Heroes and ensure the Healthcare Workers at MultiCare Health System were aware of the opportunity.

Community Business Partnership

Harrison Urby recently partnered into Innovare Medical Media‘s showcase within University Hospital located in Newark, New Jersey.

Harrison Urby is just minutes away from the hospital and offers luxury living in a spacious and cozy environment. As mentioned on their website, “Harrison Urby is your ideal New Jersey home, located in the heart of a vibrant, up-and-coming community. With top-notch amenities, gorgeous apartments, and an unbeatable location close to the PATH train into New York City or Newark. This Urby is proof that you really can have it all.”

Is your business looking to be featured in front of such a valuable audience? Lets chat!

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Ballad Health Recommends Innovare

Innovare Charging Solutions are a Hit with Patient Experience

“Patients and their family members have at least one thing in common – they want to know you CARE. In my role I typically hear from patients or their loved ones when there is a concern. However, with the pandemic, I have also been afforded the opportunity to welcome family

members as they come to visit and wish patients well as they exit after discharge. Being able to meet people in these capacities has helped me realize how much we take CONNECTIONS for granted.”

“A common request from patients and visitors is to have access to a charger that fits their specific device. Until recently, our facility did not have this resource. One of the most sad scenes, to me, is when a patient is discharged with nothing more than their patient belonging bag and a cell phone that contains all of their contacts’ numbers, yet they cannot access them because the battery needs charging. Now, when someone asks for a phone charger, I can proudly say “YES, we would be happy for you to use our Innovare charging station located in the cafeteria!” Offering a food voucher is an added bonus so they can have a snack or drink while they wait. With this resource, we are able to show we understand how important CONNECTIONS are and we CARE about you.”


Sheri Phillips

Market Director, Patient Experience

Southwest Market | Ballad Health

Northwell Health continues to expand with Innovare

With patient experience and communication top of mind, Northwell Health expanded its partnership with Innovare in Staten Island.  Innovare added to its long standing partnership with Northwell Health by installing proprietary, custom designed digital charging solutions at the Staten Island University Hospital campuses.  These technologically advanced charging stations include an LCD which features both hospital marketing and sponsorship content.



The Northwell Health/Innovare relationship that began back in 2012 and has grown to include 15 of the system’s hospitals!  Late November 2020, Innovare is scheduled to install more high-tech digital charging solutions within Northern Westchester Hospital and Phelps Hospital.

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