Get out and Play! – National Play Catch Week!

Innovare teamed up with The Play Catch Movement to promote the benefits of playing catch to improve the welfare of children and the quality of life for adults through the game of catch.

National Play Catch Week 2022 is June 19 – 25 and this initiative is being featured in over 140 digital platforms across Innovare’s hospital partners, nation-wide. This content is encouraging everyone to enjoy the positive impact the game of catch can have on ourselves and others. Hall of Fame pitcher and St. Luke’s University Health Network Community Ambassador, Steve Carlton also got on the campaign and he knows a few things about playing catch!

National Play Catch Week is a great time to enjoy the green grass, summer sun, and have fun playing catch. George Bernard Shaw said it best, “We do not stop playing (catch) because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing (catch).” Maybe he had catch in mind when he made such a profound statement; either way, playing catch can help everyone, from young children to seniors. The Play Catch Movement is created to help encourage, inspire, and motivate everyone to never grow old. Learn more about The Play Catch Movement at

About Innovare Medical Media (Innovare): Innovare is a media company dedicated to exclusively working with hospitals on a mission to infuse healthcare with INNOVATION and an ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Innovare provides numerous essential patient, visitor and healthcare professional cellphone charging stations which concurrently deliver cutting edge hospital marketing and branding messages. Innovare also contributes a percentage of these programs’ gross revenue directly to its hospital partners. Currently, Innovare has a network of 165 hospitals and believes that by 2032, over 500 hospitals will choose to partner with Innovare to leverage this unique entrepreneurial model.

Above photograph installed in Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, CA.

Getting to know Carol C. Dorey Real Estate

Lauren Pickard, Marketing Manager at Carol C. Dorey Real Estate Inc., was kind enough to answer a few questions for Innovare on Hospital Placed Media (HPM)


  1. Carol Dorey Real Estate has been a client of Innovare since 2021 and continues to invest in Hospital Placed Media (HPM) – what has been your experience?

We have heard from many of our clients in the healthcare field that they love seeing our ads and that it’s been a topic of conversation – which is exactly what we wanted.

  1. Hospital Placed Media presents a valuable audience including high household income, age and education demographics. What is the marketing strategy for Carol Dorey Real Estate when targeting patients, visitors and/or healthcare professionals?

We are targeting exactly that – high household income. Carol C. Dorey Real Estate, Inc. specializes in representing the top 20% of the marketplace – homes valued above $300,000. We know that those working at the healthcare facilities are likely wanting to size up or down, or are planning on relocating and in need of either purchasing or listing a home. 

  1. By investing in HPM in 3 hospitals, Carol Dorey Real Estate’s campaign gets nearly 4 million annual impressions from a highly valuable audience. What do you want this audience to know?

Our goal is to let our audience know that we are fully capable of meeting their real state needs, whether they’re buying or selling – or both. We are a high-end boutique brokerage, and we offer a level of service to our agents and their clients that most other offices cannot.

  1. What has your experience been like working with the Innovare Medical Media team?

Our experience with the Innovare Medical Media team has always been pleasant. They are a joy to work with and we are grateful to be working with them!

St. Luke’s 150 years

Transforming Medicine. Reimagining Care.

The 150-year history of St. Luke’s University Health Network started as a Pennsylvania steel community united behind a single purpose: to bring big-city, state-of-the-art medicine to its people. St. Luke’s was chartered as a hospital in 1872 and opened its doors to its very first patient soon thereafter. As the area’s first hospital, St. Luke’s has been providing cost-effective and high-quality care to patients, regardless of their ability to pay, for 150 years. #StLukes150

Innovare is happy to have contributed approximately $500,000 in revenue to support St. Luke’s and has been a proud partner since 2012. Over the coming years, Innovare looks forward to delivering innovation across the network.

Interviewing an Innovare Sales Specialist

Erik Hartranft’s Story

We had the opportunity to ask Erik Hartranft a few questions about himself, Innovare Medical Media, and his sales role at the business.

Innovare: Most importantly Erik, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Erik: Thank you. Foremost, I am proud to be married for over 20 years.  I enjoy playing golf on the weekends and watching my nieces and nephews play sports.  I love traveling to different places across the country and enjoy eating at local restaurants “where the locals eat”.


Innovare: How long have you worked in the Out of Home Place-based industry (OOH)? Tell us about your experience and understanding of the market.

Erik: I have been in the OOH industry since 2004 and before that I was a Radio DJ for 16 years.  I love prospecting new businesses and talking to them about Hospital Placed Media.  There’s an incredible amount of education because 99% of companies have never heard of our niche hospital industry.  I enjoy talking about this innovative opportunity and finding out if this is a good initiative for their business to be in front of healthcare professionals, visitors, and patients.


Innovare: Erik, what brought you to Innovare Medical Media and Hospital Placed Media (HPM)?  In addition, Innovare has about 165 hospital partners; How many hospital partnerships did Innovare have when you started and what are your thoughts on the growth?

Erik: I truly love the small family business vibe.  It’s great to have conversations with ownership and my team to help onboard clients.  It feels as if we are all in the trenches together – it’s very collaborative and teamwork oriented.  I started with Innovare when the company had only 37 hospitals and I had no idea we would add almost 130 more partnerships in just 7 years.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working with hospital partners located in Miami, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and other Designated Market Areas (DMA’s).


Innovare: What is your favorite part of being on the Innovare team?

Erik: I really like working with my teammates with brainstorming how best to promote small local businesses through our platform.  In addition, I like working with management to get the best advertising packages together, whether it’s a small family-owned flower shop or the largest University in the region.


Innovare: What do you look forward to in your career and at Innovare in the years to come?

Erik: I’m looking forward to continuing to leverage our footprint and become even more attractive to larger marketers.  A platform of 250-500 hospitals would do just that!


Innovare: Lastly Erik, what do you do for fun?

Erik: Golf and more golf, and Philadelphia Sports.  I’m a 5 for 5 guy, including Villanova Basketball.  When I travel for work, I always try to attend a sporting event.  In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Seattle Sounders game, a Monday Night Football game in Kansas City, an Arizona State Wrestling match in Tempe, and many more!

Now live with Geopath!

Exclusive Hospital Placed Media inventory is now live and published with Geopath

Utilizing Geopath’s standardized approach to measure out of home media and Place-based venues, media owner, Innovare Medical Media is one of Geopath’s newest members.  A majority of the Hospital Placed Media venues have already been published and close to 400 screens will be fully live on Geopath Insights later this month.

Hospital Placed Media presents highly-valued demographics:

  • $100K+ Household targets
  • College Educated impressions
  • Key Age Characteristics (25 – 64)
  • Average weekly spot impressions 40K

Founded in 2010, Innovare has grown to work with over 163 hospitals in 25 states.

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Chooses Innovare

Innovare Expands in Ohio adding its 163rd Hospital Nationwide!

One of the nation’s leading health care systems, University Hospitals is now working with Innovare Medical Media.  UH Cleveland Medical Center is working with Innovare to support the on-campus experience at the 1,032 bed medical center for patients visitors, and staff with the introduction of cell phone charging solutions.  In a survey of 2,142 users of Innovare’s charging solutions in waiting areas, cafeterias, and main lobby settings, 95% of users reported “an enhanced waiting experience”.  Director, Strategic Marketing Initiatives at University Hospitals, Josh Studzinski came across Innovare’s business model and found it to be a good fit for the system.

Real Estate Building on New Media Opportunities

Hospital Placed Media Presents a Target Audience for Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Specialist, Carol Dorey mentioned, “We are always looking for new ways to reach potential clients in the Lehigh Valley, particularly within the medical circuit. Innovare reached out to us about an opportunity to advertise on-screens at multiple St. Luke’s locations and we jumped at the opportunity to partner with a renowned health system. Working with the team at Innovare has allowed us to seamlessly and effectively reach our desired clientele.”

“Advertisers continue to fine tune their planning with an increased focus on the right audience,” Jon O’Dowd at Innovare commented.  “With the targeted local demographics at the hospital, businesses can segment their campaigns to reach healthcare professionals as well as visitors and patients at their local hospital.  Considering the growth Hospital Placed Media has experienced, the trend is very encouraging giving more advertisers access to a highly valuable audience,” O’Dowd added.

Place Based Media in 2022

Digital Hospital Placed Media Continues to Grow

Placed Based Media is marketing placed in a specific location that’s targets a specific group of people.  As one of the many Out Of Home media formats advertisers can invest in, Place Based is rapidly growing and spending is expected to increase approximately 20% by 2027 ( July 2020).

“Hospital Placed Media presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly-valued audience,” says Kelly Gaunt at Innovare.  “Leading businesses such as colleges, banks, auto dealerships and real estate companies are increasing their presence within Hospitals across the Innovare Hospital Placed Media Network.  These businesses have found a strategic way to invest in a media platform with minimal waste as their campaigns are directed at an ideal target audience with highly valuable demographics.”

PQ Media (via Digiday) forecasted that out-of-home (OOH) advertising revenue would grow 6.6% in 2021. And according to recent figures from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 88% of the top 100 OOH advertisers increased their OOH budgets in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020.  “As businesses continue to invest in new advertising plans for 2022, it has been incredible to see these businesses capitalize on the Innovare Hospital Placed Media opportunities across the country,” Gaunt added.

Colleges and Universities are Smart Advertisers

Moravian University Continues Investing in Hospital Placed Media


Innovare Medical Media has been a cornerstone of our marketing efforts for several years now,” says Brian Martin, Director of Graduate Admissions Moravian University.  “We offer multiple healthcare programs and there is no better way to capture the attention of prospective students looking to further their education than through the digital placements offered through Innovare,” Martin added.

Colleges seem to advertise nearly everywhere—on TV, billboards, radio, transit and now, more than ever Hospitals.  “For colleges looking to increase enrollment of online programs and strengthen their brand, hospitals have proven to be a valuable place,” commented Erik Hartranft of Innovare Medical Media.  “In the past five years, Innovare has seen a surge of colleges and universities investing in the Hospital Placed Media network to feature RN to BSN, MSN and MBA programs to healthcare professionals,” Hartranft added.  Moravian University’s Martin concluded, “Enrollment managers looking to make the most of their marketing dollars have found a gem with Innovare’s Hospital Placed Media network.”

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