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Innovare Medical Media delivers a unique opportunity for advertisers aiming to reach healthcare audiences. Through our state-of-the-art digital screen solutions, positioned in high-traffic areas within hospitals and medical facilities, we ensure your brand effectively connects with a broad spectrum of individuals. From patients and their families to healthcare professionals, our platforms guarantee your message is not just seen but truly resonates.

About Innovare

Innovare Medical Media excels in connecting healthcare providers and advertisers, offering exceptional branding and marketing solutions at no cost to hospitals. Spanning across 31 states, including Alabama, New York, and California, our services enhance client marketing strategies with innovative medical media and marketing solutions.

Products That Innovare Offers

Our offerings include complimentary branded displays, LCD screens for strategic ad broadcasts, and mobile device charging stations, all of which enhance the patient and visitor experience while creating new revenue opportunities for healthcare facilities. Tailored to fit the unique environments of each hospital, our digital signage and charging solutions seamlessly integrate into hospital settings, maximizing advertising impact while respecting the atmosphere.

Why Healthcare Audiences?

Advertising to healthcare audiences presents a strategic advantage. With the average hospital wait time exceeding 58 minutes, digital displays capture the attention of a captive audience, offering a prime opportunity for your brand to engage with individuals during moments they are most receptive to your message.

Innovare’s Impact

As Innovare Medical Media approaches its 15th year in business, our network now includes over 500 advertising assets in nearly 300 hospital venues across the country, demonstrating our position as a leader in Hospital Placed Media (HPM). Our strategic media platform has facilitated a significant increase in HPM spending, with a 19.8% rise observed last year. Moreover, Innovare’s proprietary digital charging solutions boast a 94.5% favorability rating, underscoring the value and positive reception of our products among patients and staff.

Celebrating 15 years of innovation and success, Innovare has contributed over $30 million in newly developed revenue to hospitals, supporting patient experience and staff satisfaction with impactful digital display and charging solution technology. Our growth and achievements highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in connecting advertisers with their target healthcare audiences.

Target Audiences

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