Hospital Marketing Services

Innovare Medical Media is the leader in hospital marketing services. We make it easy and affordable for hospitals and advertisers alike to improve their advertising reach and brand awareness.

Solutions For Hospitals

Innovare Medical Media provides hospitals and other healthcare facilities with the ability to finance, build, and operate custom designed community showcases at zero capital cost. With our innovative solutions, hospitals can transform otherwise unused areas into impactful opportunities for marketing and branding.

In addition, we help solve the long-standing problem of cell phones dying when people need them most with our free branded mobile charging stations and charging bars. This is something that all your patients, visitors, and staff will greatly appreciate.

Hospital Digital Signage

Hospital waiting rooms can be somewhat of a sterile environment. Other than a few dated paintings on the wall, patients and visitors usually don’t have much to look at. But with Innovare Medical Media’s hospital digital signage, you can enhance the appearance of your waiting room and other unused spaces. Our big, bright displays offer a pleasant change of pace without being too overwhelming and make for the perfect solution for any hospital looking to improve its brand awareness.

Digital Advertising Screens

At the heart of our hospital marketing solutions is our LCD digital advertising screens. Each screen is custom made to ensure optimum fit and visibility. We offer stand-alone screens and screens that are placed within our mobile charging stations, so you can have a display anywhere you have unused space throughout the hospital.

Our digital advertising screens are bright, vibrant, and designed for durability, so they can stand up to high traffic areas and endless hours of operation. They provide the perfect solution for showcasing ads from local advertisers and sharing highly tailored content created specifically for the hospital they’re located in.

Hospital Charging Stations

With any hospital visit, patients and their loved ones need to stay connected to family and friends. Offering your patients convenient mobile charging stations and charging bars will help ensure that their mobile devices never run out of battery. At Innovare Medical Media, we custom design our charging stations to enhance the aesthetics of the hospital and improve the overall patient experience.

Because mobile charging stations see a lot of traffic, they need to constructed well to ensure they always perform, especially in a healthcare environment. For this reason, we supply ours with child-proof, damage-preventative materials, so the chargers and its cords remain in top condition throughout their heavy usage. In addition, our charging stations feature integrated digital screens, which serve as a prime advertising medium for both the hospital and local businesses.

Secure Media Delivery

We understand that our hospital marketing solutions are only as effective as the content delivery system we use. That’s why we use our very own proprietary and secure media content delivery system. With our system, we can quickly and easily make changes to all our digital displays across the country.

Whether an advertiser wants to change their ads, or a hospital wants to update its brand messaging, our in-house team can respond quickly. This allows our partners to adjust their ad placements based on their changing market needs. This type of immediate action isn’t possible with most other advertising formats and this difference provides significant and meaningful value to our partners.

Charging Station Maintenance

When you use Innovare Medical Media’s hospital marketing solutions, you’re making an investment that has been shown to deliver incredible returns. But for you to enjoy the revenue boosting opportunities, your charging stations and digital screens need to be operating. This is why we make equipment service and maintenance a top priority.

To keep your equipment in top condition and performing at its best, Innovare Medical Media will send a member of our team to inspect and service all equipment on a regular basis. This reduces equipment downtime and guarantees a more positive experience for patient, hospital, and advertiser.

Solutions for Advertisers

Besides offering hospitals a unique way to improve their brand awareness, Innovare Medical Media’s digital marketing solutions for the healthcare industry also offers advertisers a chance to have their ads seen by potentially millions of people per year.

Add to this the fact that 96% of adults own cell phones and will most likely take advantage of the free device charging stations when at the hospital, and the ad exposure potential increases even more. For advertisers looking to gain maximum exposure at minimal expense, partnering with Innovare Medical Media just makes sense.

Advertising in Hospitals

Hospitals offer a largely untapped wellspring of advertising potential. From large, covered parking garages to spacious lobbies and foyers to cafeterias and cafes, there are dozens of areas in and around a hospital that feature unused spaces.

Innovare Medical Media’s hospital marketing solutions is specifically designed to take advantage of these spaces and turn them into revenue generating opportunities. Our custom-made LCD screens, digital signage, and charging stations allow both the hospital and local advertisers to improve brand recognition and reach their target audiences.

Advertising in Hospital Waiting Rooms

With an average hospital wait time of over 58 minutes, patients and visitors can potentially see an advertiser’s ad multiple times during their wait. This is especially beneficial for advertisers because once patients are signed in, they are essentially a captive audience with nowhere to go. This type of expanded visibility is priceless and can have a significantly positive impact on the advertiser’s marketing investment.

To find out how Innovare Medical Media can help improve your hospital’s brand awareness or your advertising exposure, contact us today. We’re ready to help you reach your marketing goals.

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