Our Values

Innovare is proud to be founded on ethical principles that guide us every day.  We call these the Innovare B2 VITALS.


The B2 VITALS act as the heart and soul of who we are and how we operate.  With them, we will Be Better (B2) and have NO FEAR!  We will…

  1. Provide value to our company, clients, partners, and communities
  2. Act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions making no excuses
  3. Radiate passion and excitement in our work
  4. Recognize extra efforts and reward sticktuitiveness
  5. Enjoy and celebrate success as a team
  6. Be proactive in setting clear goals, seeking feedback, & embracing change
  7. Respect each other
  8. Act with a contagious vibe of perpetual optimism
  9. Take calculated risks; thinking outside the box
  10. Exercise humility while fostering confidence
  11. Have fun at work and in life
  12. Be Better!
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