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At Innovare Medical Media, we understand that where you place your message can be just as important as the message itself. Our digital products are strategically placed for optimal impact, ensuring your brand reaches the right audience in the right place. Explore the various display locations within your facility where our digital signage solutions can maximize visibility and engagement.

Emergency Room

The emergency room is a critical area within any hospital, often bustling with activity and long wait times. By placing digital displays in the emergency room, you can reach a captive audience of patients and visitors who are likely to spend extended periods in this space. Our high-definition screens provide valuable information and engaging content, making the wait more bearable while delivering your message effectively.


A hospital lobby is the first point of contact for many patients and visitors, making it an ideal location for impactful digital signage. With some of the highest foot traffic and dwell time, our custom-built LCD screens in the lobby ensure that your branded messages and content are seen by everyone who enters the facility. From service line content to community announcements, our lobby displays create a connected and informative environment.

Parking Garage

Hospital parking garages see a significant amount of traffic as patients, visitors, and staff arrive and depart. Our digital signage in parking garages serves as a beacon of light in an otherwise somber environment, improving the overall experience from the moment they arrive. These displays can increase awareness of hospital services, promote healthy lifestyle habits, and showcase local businesses, enhancing both patient satisfaction and community engagement.

Waiting Room

Hospital waiting rooms are known for their lengthy wait times, making them prime locations for digital signage. Our digital displays in waiting rooms provide engaging and informative content that helps pass the time and reduce perceived wait times. By showcasing advertisements, hospital information, and educational content, you can create a more pleasant waiting experience while effectively reaching your target audience.


The hospital cafeteria is a place where staff and visitors go to refuel and unwind. With people spending significant time in this area, digital signage in the cafeteria can provide a mix of entertainment, education, and branded messaging. Our custom-made LCD screens and digital menu boards enhance the cafeteria environment, making it more engaging and modern while providing valuable information and advertising opportunities.

About Innovare Medical Media

Innovare Medical Media excels in connecting healthcare providers and advertisers, offering exceptional branding and marketing solutions at no cost to hospitals. By utilizing underutilized spaces within healthcare environments, Innovare creates dynamic opportunities for branding and marketing that drive engagement, increase loyalty, and facilitate conversions. Our digital screens and mobile charging stations are strategically positioned to capture the attention of your audience, ensuring your advertisements are seen by this influential group.

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