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When most marketers think about place-based media and out-of-home advertising, billboards are typically the first thing that comes to mind. However, digital place-based media is fast becoming one of the most prevalent forms of out-of-home advertising. Place-based media is advertising that is designed to be contextually relevant in whatever environment it is displayed in. Any place-based marketing campaign requires a certain amount of targeted exposure and measurable dwell time to be successful.

When people visit the hospital, they can spend hours sitting in waiting rooms. This makes hospital waiting rooms an ideal place to reach new customers, because they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. At Innovare Medical Media, we offer marketers the unique opportunity to take advantage of place-based OOH advertising in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Digital Place-Based OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising

When your ads are displayed on Innovare Medical Media’s custom-made screens, your brand benefits because your ads receive maximum exposure with a captive audience. This type of advertising is especially efficient because the contextually relevant nature of your ads allows you to reach your target customer in the exact place where your message makes the most sense.

For example, if a pharmaceutical brand wants to promote its latest rheumatoid arthritis medication, then having its ads displayed on screens placed in hospitals and doctor offices that cater to rheumatoid arthritis patients would be an excellent way to maximize the ROI on their marketing. After seeing the ad, more patients will then talk to their doctor about the new medication or ask for it to be prescribed to them.

Using digital place-based media advertising provides brands with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers while they sit idle in waiting rooms, cafeterias, and other public spaces in hospitals and medical facilities. By integrating your advertisements into this type of setting, your brand gains premium access to a broader range of customers. The result is maximum exposure and impact for your campaign and a higher ROI.

Advertise to Healthcare Audiences

Innovare Medical Media’s place-based media solutions enable you to target a diverse range of healthcare audiences effectively. Our digital displays allow you to tailor your advertisements to specific segments, ensuring relevance and engagement:

  • Nurses: Highlight products and services that support their demanding roles and enhance their work-life balance.
  • Medical Facility Visitors: Engage visitors with content that offers support and information relevant to their needs.
  • Caregivers: Provide resources and products that assist caregivers in their vital roles.
  • Families: Share messages that resonate with families who are supporting loved ones in the hospital.
  • Hospital Patients: Deliver educational content and advertisements that are relevant to patients’ healthcare needs.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Target doctors and other healthcare professionals with specialized products and services.
  • Doctors: Showcase medical innovations, educational opportunities, and tools that can aid in their practice.

Hospital Advertising Locations

Innovare Medical Media’s digital place-based media displays can be strategically placed in various locations throughout the hospital to maximize visibility and engagement. Advertisers can reach their target audience in the following key areas:

  • Emergency Room: Capture the attention of patients and visitors who often experience long wait times.
  • Lobby: Engage everyone entering the hospital with high-visibility digital displays in the lobby area.
  • Parking Garage: Reach patients, visitors, and staff as they arrive and depart from the hospital.
  • Waiting Room: Provide valuable information and advertisements to a captive audience in waiting areas.
  • Cafeteria: Connect with staff and visitors in a relaxed setting where they spend significant time.

By advertising in these diverse hospital locations, you can maximize your brand’s visibility and impact, reaching audiences when they are most attentive and receptive to your message.

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