Medical Office Advertising

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For any local business, being able to effectively reach potential customers through a variety of channels is crucial for maximizing visibility and improving sales. One of the fastest-growing trends in marketing is medical office advertising.

Advertising in medical offices works for several key reasons:

  • The audience is captive, often for several minutes to hours at a time.
  • The demographics of this audience are premier ($100K+ household income, great age and education criteria, with local reach).
  • Ad content receives the undivided attention of the target audience.
  • Competitive advantage.

Doctors Office Advertising Solutions

One of the main advantages of advertising within medical offices is that your ads are positioned in areas with long dwell time and busy foot traffic. High-impact digital displays present a tremendous advertising opportunity to connect with this audience.

Since medical offices cater to the needs of those who live and work within their communities, the people spending time in these offices are mostly local. This means they most likely do their buying within 25-40 minutes from the medical office they’re in. For businesses trying to build a local presence, medical office advertising essentially guarantees that their messages will reach the right audience.

At Innovare Medical Media, we offer local businesses a strategic and uniquely effective way to improve their local advertising reach. We partner with medical offices and provide them with beautiful, custom-made LCD screens placed in high-traffic areas, like waiting rooms and lobbies. Many of our screens also feature convenient mobile charging stations. When you partner with Innovare Medical Media, your ads will be displayed on each one of our screens many times per day, so everyone from patients and visitors to the medical staff will see your message.

Do you want to have your ads seen by a captive local audience? Contact Innovare Medical Media today and find out more about how our medical office advertising solutions can help your business reach more customers.

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