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Homecare Advertising

Caregivers, whether they are professional healthcare providers or family members offering homecare, represent a vital audience in the healthcare ecosystem. Innovare Media’s digital screen solutions are uniquely positioned to reach caregivers by delivering targeted advertising in healthcare facilities where they seek information and resources. Our platforms allow you to connect directly with caregivers, presenting products, services, and educational content that support their crucial role in patient care.

About Innovare

Innovare Medical Media excels at connecting healthcare providers and advertisers with key audiences at no cost to hospitals. By harnessing the power of unused spaces within healthcare facilities, Innovare introduces innovative branding and marketing solutions that drive traffic, increase loyalty, and convert sales. Our digital screens and mobile charging stations are strategically placed in areas frequented by caregivers, ensuring high visibility for your advertisements.

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Why Advertise to Caregivers?

Caregivers are always in search of the best products and services to improve the health and comfort of those they look after. Advertising to this group provides an opportunity to influence decisions related to homecare and healthcare products. Innovare’s digital displays offer a dynamic platform for delivering your message directly to caregivers, ensuring they have the information they need to make informed choices about the tools and resources they use.

Innovare’s Impact

With a network extending across nearly 300 hospital venues in 31 states, Innovare Medical Media brings your advertisements to the forefront, reaching caregivers when they are most receptive. Our approach not only enhances the caregiver experience by providing valuable information and resources but also generates new revenue streams for healthcare facilities through strategic advertising partnerships.

Products That Innovare Offers

Innovare’s offerings include custom-made LCD screens that display your advertisements in crisp, clear quality, and mobile charging stations that serve the dual purpose of keeping caregivers connected while exposing them to your brand. These products are designed to fit seamlessly into healthcare environments, offering an engaging and informative experience for caregivers.

Our partnership model, which provides these advertising solutions at no cost to healthcare facilities, underscores our commitment to enhancing patient and caregiver experiences. By advertising with Innovare, you’re not just reaching caregivers; you’re also contributing to a more informed and connected healthcare community.

Innovare Medical Media is at the forefront of digital healthcare advertising, offering a unique platform that effectively connects advertisers with caregivers. Through our innovative solutions, we help you deliver meaningful messages that support and empower caregivers in their essential roles, driving brand awareness and engagement in the healthcare sector.

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