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Reaching your target audience through a means that your competition isn’t using is a powerful advantage that no business should pass up. For this reason, healthcare advertising in Massachusetts presents one of the most effective ways to get ahead of your local competition.

Advertising in hospitals in Massachusetts is unique because it provides you with an incredible brand-building opportunity. And there are a few very specific reasons for this, such as:

  • The audience you are reaching is captive, often for several hours at a time
  • The demographics of this audience are ideal, with most household incomes averaging over $100k
  • Your content receives the undivided attention of those viewing it and is seen several times per day
  • The audience is largely made up of prospects who live, work, and shop within the area that’s served by the hospital

Innovare Medical Media specializes in offering innovative marketing and branding solutions that make advertising in hospitals throughout Massachusetts a win-win for both marketers and healthcare facilities.

healthcare advertising in a waiting room

Advertising in Hospitals in Massachusetts

Advertisers aren’t the only ones who benefit from partnering with Innovare Medical Media. Our hospital partners receive complimentary, beautiful, custom-made LCD screens and mobile charging stations professionally installed in specific public spaces within their buildings. These are the areas where foot traffic and dwell times are at their highest, such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, and parking garages. These screens and charging stations provide hospitals with a variety of branding solutions that can help increase customer loyalty and healthcare awareness.

Meanwhile, marketers that partner with Innovare Medical Media enjoy having their ads put on rotation and displayed several times per day in these areas where patients, visitors, and hospital staff can see them. Advertising in hospitals throughout Massachusetts is simply one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and broaden your marketing reach on a regional level.

If you want to beat out the local competition, then healthcare advertising in Massachusetts can help you reach a wider regional audience. To learn more about the benefits of advertising in hospitals, contact Innovare Medical Media today at 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message.

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