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In New York, market competition is arguably stiffer than anywhere else in the world. So, being able to reach your target audience via a means that your competition isn’t using can be hugely beneficial to your business. For this reason, if you haven’t yet considered healthcare advertising in New York, then you could be missing out on a tremendous opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

Advertising in hospitals offers several unique advantages, such as:

  • The audience you are reaching is captive, often for several hours at a time
  • The demographics of this audience are ideal, with most earning a household income of over $100k
  • Your ads receive undivided attention and are put on rotation, so they are seen several times per day
  • The audience is largely made up of prospects who live within the area that’s served by the hospital
  • Your competitors aren’t using it

At Innovare Medical Media, we provide next-gen solutions that make advertising in hospitals throughout New York an easy win-win for both marketers and healthcare facilities.

healthcare advertising in a waiting room

Advertising in Hospitals in New York

Innovare Medical Media provides our healthcare clients with beautiful, custom-made LCD screens which are then installed in strategic areas within their buildings where foot traffic and dwell times are at their highest. Our screens offer the perfect delivery vehicle for your ads. With Innovare Medical Media, your ads will be put on rotation and be displayed several times per day in hospital waiting rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, and parking garages. In addition to our high-definition screens, we also provide hospitals with complimentary mobile charging stations equipped with their own LCD screens.

When your ads are broadcast over our network of screens, over the course of a single day your ads will be viewed by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential prospects ranging from patients and visitors to the hospital’s staff. Simply put, advertising in hospitals is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and broaden your market reach.

Healthcare advertising in New York can help you gain an edge over the competition. To learn more about the benefits of advertising in hospitals, contact Innovare Medical Media today at 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message.

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