Phone Charging Stations for Medical Offices

hospital phone charging station

Innovare Medical Media provides state-of-the-art phone charging stations for medical offices, offering a convenient solution for patients and visitors to keep their devices charged. Our charging stations are designed to blend seamlessly into medical office environments while offering an essential service that enhances the overall patient experience.

Waiting Room Charging Stations for Doctors Offices

Waiting rooms in doctors’ offices often see long wait times, making them an ideal location for phone charging stations. By providing a convenient charging solution, you can improve the overall experience for patients and visitors. Innovare’s waiting room charging stations are strategically placed to ensure maximum visibility and usage. These stations are designed to blend seamlessly into the medical office environment while displaying engaging advertisements and informational content.

  • Convenient and Reliable: Our charging stations are equipped with multiple charging cords compatible with various devices, ensuring that everyone can keep their devices powered up.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Offering charging stations in waiting rooms helps patients and visitors stay connected, reducing perceived wait times and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Advertising Opportunities: Strategically placed charging stations serve as effective advertising platforms, displaying engaging content and messages to a captive audience.

Custom-Made Charging Solutions

Innovare Medical Media custom-makes our mobile charging stations and charging bars to suit our clients’ needs. This allows us to create stations that fit perfectly within their intended spaces. They are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the medical office and make the best use out of otherwise unused areas. Our charging stations are strategically placed to ensure they don’t interfere with foot traffic and offer the most convenience to your patients and visitors.

High-Quality and Safe Charging Stations

Each of our medical office phone charging stations is equipped with a variety of charging cords that are compatible with just about every make and model device. We use only child-proof, damage-preventative materials in our chargers and cords, so they can continue to perform in top condition throughout their heavy usage. In the event any of the cords get damaged or if new technology becomes available, Innovare will repair, replace, or update the systems at no cost to the medical office.

Integrated Advertising Screens

Our stations are also equipped with integrated large full-color digital screens which can be used to help strengthen your brand awareness and support your marketing and communications initiatives. With Innovare Medical Media’s phone charging stations in your waiting rooms, the medical office, patients, and local businesses all benefit.

Addressing ‘Low Battery Anxiety’

With the average wait time in medical offices often reaching significant lengths, a patient’s smartphone battery can quickly drain from being used to help keep their mind off the wait and to stay in touch with their loved ones. In a survey of 2,000 smartphone users conducted by LG in 2016, nearly 9 out of 10 people “felt panic” when their phone battery dropped to 20% or lower. Although this is not a clinical diagnosis, LG has dubbed this condition ‘Low Battery Anxiety.’ Providing your patients and visitors with complimentary phone charging stations will not only help improve their overall experience but also help reduce their perceived dwell time and ensure they never lose touch with those most important to them. In the current healthcare climate, where office visitation can be limited, this has never been more important.

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