Wall Mounted Charging Stations for Medical Offices

Wall Mounted Phone Charging Stations

Every medical office aims to provide an excellent patient experience, but one area where many offices fall short is in managing wait time and enhancing the waiting room environment. Today, it’s not uncommon for some patients to wait more than an hour to see their healthcare provider. With medical offices seeing more patients than ever, reducing perceived patient dwell time is an ongoing challenge.

Wall Mounted Charging Stations for Doctors Offices

At Innovare Medical Media, we help medical offices reduce their patients’ perceived dwell time and improve their patient satisfaction scores with our wall-mounted charging stations. Our charging stations ensure that your patients and waiting room visitors never have to worry about their mobile device batteries dying on them while they wait.

With a wall-mounted phone charging station installed in your waiting room, your patients can ensure their devices have the battery power they need to:

  • Keep in touch with loved ones outside the office
  • Surf the Web
  • Connect with friends on social media
  • Stay up to date with breaking news
  • Work online
  • Play games
  • And more

Wall Mounted Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

Innovare Medical Media’s wall-mounted charging stations are designed to support a wide variety of mobile devices, including both Android and iPhone smartphones, cell phones, tablets, e-readers, portable music players, rechargeable Bluetooth headphones, and even some laptops. For patients and visitors, these devices are essential for keeping their minds occupied while they wait. Providing them with a wall-mounted charging station to help ensure their devices don’t stop working when they need them the most is something that won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Best of all, Innovare Medical Media’s wall-mounted phone charging stations are provided free of charge when you have our custom-made LCD screens installed in your waiting room. When you partner with Innovare Medical Media, we provide you with complimentary charging stations and we repair, replace, and upgrade them whenever new technology is introduced at no cost to you.

Integrated Advertising Screens

Every charging station features its own LCD screen designed to provide your medical office with a unique branding and marketing solution that every user will see whenever they plug in their device. Our stations are also equipped with integrated large full-color digital screens which can be used to help strengthen your brand awareness and support your marketing and communications initiatives. With Innovare Medical Media’s wall mounted charging stations in your waiting rooms, the medical office, patients, and local businesses all benefit.

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