Advertising in Hospital Waiting Rooms

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According to the Washington Post, the average wait time for patients who arrive at the hospital through the emergency room is 40 minutes. But for visitors waiting for loved ones who are having surgical procedures performed, their time sitting in the waiting room can be anywhere from 75 to 240 minutes, or longer depending on the type of surgery. 

For local advertisers, long wait times like these in local hospitals present a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience. After all, once in the waiting room, both patients and visitors typically stay as they are either waiting to receive treatment or they are waiting for news about a loved one. And this commitment to waiting is what makes advertising in hospital waiting rooms so highly effective. 

Waiting Room Advertising and Marketing

Innovare Medical Media works with hospitals and advertisers to bring their patients, visitors, and staff a variety of well-balanced content and ads displayed on custom-made LCD screens. When you partner with Innovare, your ads will be featured on digital signage throughout the hospital’s network of facilities, including in their filled waiting rooms. This exposure helps you effectively and affordably reach your target audience. And best of all, your ads will be viewed by many people, 90% of whom live and shop locally, through a medium that your competition probably isn’t even aware of. 

Think about the last time you were in a hospital waiting room. It doesn’t take long before the book you brought with you, or your smartphone fails to keep your attention and your eyes start looking for something else to take your mind off the lengthy wait. Innovare Medical Media’s bright, full-color LCD screens, digital billboards, and convenient mobile charging stations are designed to capture and retain the attention in these types of cases, and your advertisements can be viewed front and center.  

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