Out of Home Media

For advertisers looking to reach wider audiences within their regional market, few solutions provide a higher ROI than out-of-home media advertising. In fact, the only way an advertiser can improve the results of their out-of-home media campaign is to have their ads placed in an environment where they are contextually relevant.

At Innovare Medical Media, we can help you get your message to your target audience with out-of-home media advertising solutions that are designed specifically for the healthcare industry. We provide hospitals, clinics, and other medical offices and facilities with custom-made digital screens that can broadcast your ads in front of audiences with substantial dwell time.

What is Out of Home Media?

Out-of-home media is any visual advertising media that is directed at consumers when they are outside of the home. Common examples of out-of-home advertising can include: 

  • Billboards
  • Indoor and outdoor signage 
  • Ads on bus shelters or public benches 
  • Marketing posters in airports, train stations, and other transit areas
  • Place-based ad media (like what you might see in a hospital or in the cinema) 

Out of Home Media Buying

Out of home advertising is gaining ground on online advertising because buying online ads can not only be a little frustrating for media buyers, but its results can often be hit or miss. One of the biggest challenges online marketers must deal with is ad blockers, which can keep a lot of potential customers from seeing their ads. And for those who don’t use ad blockers, they are so inundated with ads that they have learned how to tune them all out.

Such problems don’t exist with out-of-home advertising. OOH advertising works because the ads are unblockable and unskippable. With out-of-home media buying, your audience has no other option than to see your ad because it’s right in front of their eyes.

Out-of-Home Media Advertising

Out-of-home media advertising offers a range of benefits that aren’t achievable with many other types of advertising. In 2016, Nielsen did an out-of-home advertising study in which they found that 91% of United States residents over age 16 are reached by out-of-home

OOH marketing is also highly targeted because its placements are location specific. This allows brands to aim their messages at the precise audience they are trying to reach. Other benefits of using out-of-home media include:

  • It allows brands to be creative with their messaging
  • It drives online engagement
  • It generates consumer action
  • It is continually improving itself
  • It is cost-effective

The benefits of out-of-home media are clear. Few other digital marketing solutions allow marketers to reach the right audiences so effectively. To learn more about taking advantage of out-of-home media for the healthcare industry, contact Innovare Medical Media today by calling 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message online.

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