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Imagine a patient sitting idle in the waiting room of their physician’s office. They’re there to talk to their doctor about their recent medical issues and the possibility of getting Home Care services provided through her health insurance.

While the patient waits, she turns to watch the program on the digital screen installed in the waiting room and sees an advertisement for a local Home Care service that accepts her insurance. She then makes a note to ask her doctor about the service and what she needs to have the cost covered by her insurance.

This is the power of Point of Care advertising in action. Point of Care marketing is specially designed to generate product awareness, educate consumers, encourage doctor and patient conversations, and ultimately, influence purchasing/prescribing decisions in the right location at the right time.

If you’re not using Point of Care advertising in your brand’s healthcare marketing strategy, then you could be missing out on a wealth of opportunities.

What is Point of Care Advertising?

Point of Care advertising is a sophisticated and highly effective form of digital marketing that utilizes data and geo-targeting to help ensure that your ads are displayed in the ideal location and at the best times to reach your target audience. This innovative type of marketing relies on visually stimulating and highly targeted content that is designed to educate, drive conversations, and increase purchases. Point of Care marketing places your ads in doctors’ offices and hospital waiting rooms, where they can reach a captive audience.

Businesses that invest in Point of Care advertising see a positive increase in sales because this technique delivers curated content that helps empower and influence HCPs and their patients, leading to more impactful discussions that drive new and incremental trips to local businesses, the pharmacy, or the store.

Becoming an Advertising Partner with Innovare Medical Media provides you with access to our world-class Point of Care advertising solutions and expert advice from a company that is leading the way in healthcare advertising and place-based marketing. Innovare Medical Media works with both healthcare providers and advertisers to offer best-in-class branding and marketing solutions that drive traffic, increase loyalty, and convert sales.

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