Cell Phone Charging Lockers

Cell Phone Charging Lockers
Innovare Medical Media is partnering with ChargeTech to provide our clients with innovative cell phone charging lockers that can be installed just about anywhere in a hospital, from the waiting room to the cafeteria. Our cell phone charging station lockers are designed to provide patients and staff alike with a convenient and secure way to charge their devices.

Because we live in such challenging times and with hospitals under constant strain from the rapidly mutating coronavirus, sanitization is more important than ever. To help improve the safety and peace of mind of your patients and staff, each bay in our cell phone charging station lockers contains a dedicated UV disinfection module which initiates a five-minute disinfection cycle from the moment the bay door is closed.

Mobile Phone Charging Lockers

Our mobile charging lockers contain two cables in each bay, one Apple Lightning cable and one Type-C charging cable. So, whether the user has an Apple iPhone or a newer Android device, there’s a cable to charge it. And because these lockers will see plenty of use daily, we’ve used only the most durable, industrial-grade materials to help protect from theft and breakage. 

Besides charging and disinfecting mobile devices, our cell phone charging locker can also be used to safely store other valuables. Each bay is roomy enough to store wallets, keys, small purses, cameras, and more. And because our mobile phone charging lockers are wall-mountable, they require no floorspace in your waiting room. They can be installed just about anywhere you have open wall space. 

Our cell phone charging lockers offer the perfect complement to our branded displays, hospital digital signage, media content delivery package, and phone charging stations. To learn more about our new wall-mountable cell phone charging station lockers with built-in UV disinfection, call Innovare Medical Media today at 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message online.

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