Hospital Cafeteria Digital Signage

cafeteria digital signage

A hospital’s cafeteria is where staff goes to refuel and unwind and where visitors go whenever they need a meal or a break from the waiting room. Because of this, people tend to spend lengthy periods of time in the cafeteria, thus establishing this location as a highly effective venue for communication. Providing staff and visitors with engaging hospital cafeteria signage that is designed to educate, inform, and entertain is critical to any marketing plan. 

In many hospitals, the cafeteria is one of the last places to be updated. This often results in the cafeteria environment feeling outdated, and the usual old, unattractive paintings, artificial plants, or empty expanses of wallpaper do not help. 

With Innovare, hospitals can fill these spaces with custom-made LCD screens and wall-murals that are designed to broadcast a well-balanced variety of programming to this captive audience. Innovare Medical Media can help maximize the unused space in a hospital’s cafeteria by offering a variety of different digital signage options, from large, full-color LCD screens and convenient mobile charging stations with built-in displays to digital menu boards.

Digital Signage for Hospital Cafeterias

There are several reasons why digital hospital cafeteria signage helps improve the overall customer experience. For starters, our LCD screens can provide a streamlined flow of strategic content that can help you: 

  • Engage, entertain, and educate visitors while they dine
  • Share hospital-branded messaging
  • Increase hospital revenue by broadcasting advertisements from local businesses
  • Solicit valuable visitor feedback 
  • And more

In addition, our digital signage can help modernize and enhance the atmosphere of your cafeteria while providing your staff a new platform to feature exciting updates. Because the screens are networked together, they can help you build a connected and cohesive health community across your entire network of hospitals, clinics, and practitioner offices. 

With engaging content being broadcast on your hospital cafeteria signage as well as any other screens you have throughout your facility, you will be able to highlight your community purpose and role, build patient loyalty, and enhance the experience of everyone who spends any amount of time at your hospital.

Contact Innovare Medical Media today and find out more about how our hospital cafeteria digital signage solutions can help your hospital improve overall patient experience and satisfaction.  

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