Hospital Lobby Signage

hospital lobby signage

A hospital lobby is an ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions because this is where the patient journey begins and includes some of the largest foot traffic and dwell time space. With hospitals seeing more patients than ever, it’s not uncommon for a patient or visitor to spend 20 to 30 minutes in the hospital lobby area waiting to be checked in. This presents an exceptional opportunity for providing this captive audience with engaging and beneficial information and content that is designed to help improve the patient experience and reduce their perceived dwell time.

There are several reasons why digital lobby signage delivers such impressive results. With a well-balanced programming format, digital signage for hospitals can streamline information flow across the patient touch points at each stage of interaction and provide the following:

  • Hospital-branded messaging: service line content, awards/rankings, upcoming events, etc.
  • Healthcare Professional content
  • Healthy lifestyle tips and up-to-date patient education and testing information
  • Supplemental preventive medicine programming 
  • Sponsored promotional segments 
  • Leading community employer benefit content
  • And more

Digital Signage for Hospitals

At Innovare Medical Media, we provide advanced digital signage for hospitals that is customized to enhance the existing empty spaces within the environment, including in the hospital lobby. When patients, visitors, and staff travel through your lobby, they will see your programming and branded messages beautifully presented on custom-built and strategically placed LCD screens. 

Our vibrant screens can help you build a connected and cohesive health community across your network of hospitals, clinics, and practitioner offices. With engaging content being broadcast throughout your network of facilities, you will be able to highlight your community purpose and role, build patient loyalty, and enhance the experience of everyone who walks through your doors.

Contact Innovare Medical Media today and find out more about how our digital lobby signage can help your hospital improve overall patient experience and satisfaction.  

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