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Innovare Medical Media’s healthcare advertising in Oklahoma offers unique advantages that can help your business increase its brand exposure to prospects who live in and around the area where you are trying to improve your market presence. Our ad solutions work because when you implement advertising in hospitals into your campaign strategies, your messaging is seen by an audience that is captive, often for several hours at a time.

Since hospitals tend to serve those who live and work within their region, healthcare advertising presents a unique advantage in that your audience consists largely of local residents. And the demographics of this audience are ideal, with an average household income of over $100k and they’re of prime age and education criteria. 

When you become an ad partner with Innovare Medical Media, your ads are displayed on our beautiful high-definition digital displays, which are installed in those areas in the hospital where foot traffic and dwell time are at their highest, such as in waiting rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, and parking garages. 

With nowhere to go and nothing else to see or do, patients and visitors will see your ads often multiple times during a single hospital visit. And best of all, the odds are good that your competition isn’t even aware of the distinct advantages of advertising in hospitals, so you can gain a competitive edge by becoming one of our ad partners before they do. 

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Advertising in Hospitals in Oklahoma

Innovare Medical Media partners with hospitals throughout Oklahoma. When your hospital becomes one of our healthcare partners, we provide your facility with complimentary, custom-made digital signage that can help modernize your facility and improve your patient experience. 

Along with our high-definition screens, we also provide our hospital clients with convenient mobile charging stations at no cost. Our mobile charging stations and charging lockers are made from durable materials, so they’re built to last. But if something does happen to either one of your displays or charging stations, you can have peace of mind knowing that our technicians will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Innovare Medical Media’s innovative healthcare advertising solutions offer powerfully effective ways for your hospital to improve patient loyalty and satisfaction, increase brand recognition, and elevate its profit potential. 

Healthcare advertising in Oklahoma is a highly efficient and effective way for local advertisers to reach their target audience and for hospitals to improve their patient experience. To learn more about the benefits of advertising in hospitals, contact Innovare Medical Media today at 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message.

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