Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Transforming Their Look with Innovare

Two Mobile Charging Stations will be Deployed this Fall in New Main Lobby

Innovare Medical Media is excited to announce its presence into Northern New Jersey at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, where there will be two charging station towers deployed in the

fall of 2019.  Located in the brand new renovated lobby that opened in October 2019, these mobile charging towers will be an added benefit to patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals.  Local and regional business will have the opportunity to participate in the digital media platform and partner with the hospital to reach the niche hospitals demographics.  Healthcare professionals, visitors and patients have been an attractive local demographic that businesses have been keen to reach with their marketing messages.  Innovare has made this possible with highly effective embedded LCD’s in their functional mobile charging towers.

Liz Zuk, Innovare’s sales leader on the project said “we have already seen hundreds of businesses in the New Jersey market invest in Hospital Placed Media.  Currently, there are opportunities available for businesses, but we are expecting a fully developed sold out program in the next few months.”  Bergen New Bridge Medical Center represents Innovare’s 13th hospital program in New Jersey and 122nd in the United States.  Innovare has added 28 new hospitals to its portfolio as Hospital Placed Media continues its rapid growth.

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St. Luke’s University Health Network Expands with Innovare

Three New Hospitals Take Advantage of the Innovare Program

Innovare Medical Media recently announced its expansion within the St. Luke’s University Health System. St. Luke’s Hospital has partnered with the Innovare Community Showcase for their Gnaden Huetten and Miners Campuses, as well as Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital. Each hospital will receive charging solutions embedded with a state-of-the-art LCD screen to feature premiere hospital content as well as approved local business content. These charging stations will allow the hospital to market towards patients, visitors, and other healthcare professionals while they are conveniently able to charge their devices for free. 

Innovare is proud to say that now there are ten hospitals within the network that have successfully implemented the Innovare project. Also, this initiative has brought over 80 local and regional business partnerships to those hospitals which would not have been possible without the support of Innovare. These businesses have the opportunity to market to a highly sought after local audience by reaching patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals inside of these hospitals.

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The Rule of Seven

When repetition is key, our advertising solutions check every box.

In today’s world, people are continuously being funneled targeted messages. It is challenging to get past all this noise and be heard. This is where the Rule of Seven comes in to save precious marketing dollars and strengthen the impact of business content. Studies show that a potential customer has to be exposed to a product or business an average of seven times before they notice and start to take action. Hospital Placed Media is a prime opportunity for companies to leverage the Rule of Seven and target a highly attractive and valuable niche audience. 

Building Trust

Consistency is critical when it comes to marketing a business, and continuous exposure builds trust with potential customers. When a consumer is exposed to a brand multiple times and can process it over time, the customer is more likely to trust the brand and the expertise they claim to have. Consistent and repetitive branding is proven to work. This, along with the highly targeted audience Hospital Placed Media provides, businesses are marketing in a location the consumer trusts, which supports higher conversion rates. 

Mix it Up

Savvy marketers understand that variety in their marketing mix helps expand their reach. Businesses that feature their content in multiple channels will have greater success in creating seven or more touch points with their target audience. As Hospital Placed Media provides exposure to key local demographics, it is critical Hospital Placed Media is part of a business’s marketing plan.

 Ground Floor Exposure

Hospital Placed Media is a fast-growing channel that many businesses are just starting to explore with success. With valuable media opportunities across the country in leading markets, companies now can receive more quality exposure at a high rate.

How is your business making the Rule of Seven work for you? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today. 

Hospitals and Innovare Medical Media Partner to Combat Opioid Addiction

Providing Free Digital Hospital Marketing Space to SAFE Project

SAFE Project x Innovare graphic

Hospitals nationwide have partnered with Innovare Medical Media (Innovare) providing free digital marketing space in hospitals for SAFE Project to help reduce opioid addiction in America. SAFE Project was founded in November 2017 by Admiral Sandy and Mary Winnefeld following the loss of their 19-year old son Jonathan to an accidental opioid overdose. Their mission is to contribute in a tangible way to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States.

Reaching the Masses

In this initiative, these hospitals and Innovare have together donated critical marketing space on large digital screens installed in high traffic areas on hospital campuses. Nick Lieberman, President of Innovare, said: “These marketing messages will effectively reach millions of visitors, patients and healthcare professionals with a strong message to fight this epidemic.” Since the Innovare startup, the IMM team has installed hundreds of free cell phone charging stations in hospital cafeterias, lobbies, and waiting areas. The Innovare charging station design incorporates large digital screens for valuable marketing use by the host hospital and regional sponsors.

The U.S. government reports that up to 29 percent of patients who are prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse the drug every day and more than 47,000 people in the United States die every year after overdosing on opioids. Admiral Winnefeld, Co-Founder of SAFE Project says “The most important thing we can do is share the lessons we’ve learned and gathered, giving other families the benefit of ‘If I only knew then what I know now.” Nick Lieberman added, “It is an honor for our team to partner with Sandy and Mary and SAFE Project in their incredibly important mission of reducing opioid addiction in America. We are excited that our hospital media network will provide crucial knowledge to valuable target audiences at these hospitals across the USA.”

Free Charging Stations are Indispensable to Visitors & Healthcare Professionals

Over 500,000 Phones to be Charged in 2020 

woman charging cell phone

Innovare Medical Media has projected that over half a million free cellphone charges will be provided for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals in 2020. By the end of 2019, over 275 charging stations will be installed in 24 states through our hospital partnerships.  

Trips to the hospital are often unexpected, so visitors and patients should be able to stay in contact with their loved ones without worrying about their phone dying. Healthcare professionals also rely on their phones to keep on top of the tasks their jobs demand. The charging stations that we can provide are vital to keeping loved ones in the loop and professionals productive.  

After conducting a sample test that tracked usage over 90 days, data showed that over 2,000 people were able to charge their phone conveniently. Out of those 2,000 users, 94% claimed that the charging stations had “enhanced their experience.” 

Innovare launched their model in 2010 and has contributed over $3 million dollars in marketing sponsor dollars back to more than 120 hospital partners while also providing over $4 million dollars in free hospital marketing. Nicholas Lieberman, an Innovare partner says they “are thrilled to know that there is so much value being brought to hospitals by our free cellphone charging stations. By launching over 30 new hospital programs in 2019, Innovare recognizes that these services are truly critical.”

Benefits of Digital Signage Marketing

How Innovare Charging Stations Can Amp Up Your Marketing

In the last decade, digital signage marketing has gained significant traction as a successful technique to connect with consumers. Innovare has taken this marketing approach and combined it with a free and convenient service for consumers with our hospital charging stations. Visitors, patients, and healthcare professionals can charge their devices while the hospital and local businesses utilize the digital screen to promote their educational and marketing materials. While there are many benefits to using the Innovare charging stations for marketing materials, these two stand out as the most impactful results. 

1. Greater Satisfaction

Digital signage can have a considerable effect on your customers’ overall experiences. In a recent study of 2,000 users, 94% claimed that the Innovare charging station enhanced their experience.

2. Higher Sales Growth

Using the Innovare charging stations assist hospital and product marketing within their facilities and support sales growth. Also, patients that have a positive experience at specific locations are more likely to return for future needs, which can lead to residual profit growth. Our charging stations participate in this visitor experience every day. 

As hospital placed media continues to gain momentum, we are partnering with more and more hospitals and local businesses. Contact one of our team members to learn about partnership opportunities.

Innovare and Richmond University Medical Center Launch Partnership

Staten Island Hospital Welcomes Innovare’s Hospital Placed Media

Innovare Medical Media is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest long-term partnership with Richmond University Medical Center. As of July 2019, this partnership marks the 17th hospital in New York and the 1st in Staten Island to carry several of our LCD embedded charging stations. Each station comes equipped entirely to offer the guests a convenient charging station while showcasing information and marketing materials from local businesses to the hospital itself. 

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Enhance Patient and Community Outreach Through Hospital Placed Media

Getting Messaging Out Has Never Been More Convenient  

Hospital placed media is quickly becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way to get messages in front of a highly targeted group of people. When hospitals partner with us, they benefit by receiving complimentary digital advertising screens and mobile charging stations, a share of the advertising revenue provided by local businesses, and an opportunity to reach their entire hospital staff, patients, and visitors with their own messaging. 

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Advertise Through Our Secure Media Delivery System

We Display Ads in Hospitals Across the Country From Our Remote Office

Hospital placed media has quickly become the forefront of the marketing industry as companies are learning about the benefits of advertising at a hospital which gets their messages in front of a highly targeted demographic: hospital patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals. We partner with businesses of all kinds to get key messages displayed where consumers are most likely to respond to them.

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Hospital Placed Media Spending Soars

Over $20 Million in Marketing Dollars Expected to be Spent by 2020

Hospital placed media continues to gain momentum as a wide variety of businesses are choosing to advertise within hospital facilities, where they can reach a highly targeted demographic. With such a high concentration of $100K+ salary households filled with educated local consumers visiting hospitals, businesses have found an effective avenue to spend their media dollars.

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