Innovare Announces Brand New Hospital Partnership in New Jersey

A Full Circle Moment As We Partner With Another Hospital in Our Backyard

Capital Health, consisting of two hospitals located in Pennington and Trenton, NJ, has enlisted Innovare to provide a community showcase display Program in the Summer of 2019. At no cost to these hospitals, Innovare will provide labor and capital worth over $100,000, which will include LCD embedded mobile charging station kiosks, and a dedicated sales team to enlist partnerships for the program within the community.

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Unlock Steady Revenue Through Hospital Placed Media

Hospitals Are Turning Unused Space Into Opportunity

Medical facilities are able to unlock a new stream of income by opening up their doors to hospital placed media, which targets the highly tailored demographic of hospital visitors, patients, and medical personnel. Innovare uses innovative and turnkey technology that gets local advertisement and hospital messaging out to the masses through LCD digital advertising screens that are placed onto mobile charging stations and wall space that would be otherwise unused.

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Innovare Appreciates Nurses!

Innovare would like to thank the 4 million nurses in the United States for their amazing contribution to healing.

A true testament to the profession is highlighted in the Gallup pole; for more than 15 years, Americans have rated nursing as the no. 1 most-trusted profession.  In a poll conducted last year, Gallup found that 84% of those surveyed rated the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as “very high” or “high” — above that of doctors, pharmacists and teachers.

Innovare is proud to partner with hospitals around the country who employ professional and hardworking nursing staff.

Innovare Installs an Additional 8 Hospital Community Showcase Programs in Florida

The Sunshine State Receives 15 Charging Stations and Bars at No Cost  

Innovare is in the final stages of installing an additional 8 hospital community showcase programs on the east coast of Florida. Spanning from Palm Beach Gardens down to Coral Gables, these 8 hospitals will receive 15 charging station vehicles valued near $200,000 at zero cost to the facilities. The hospitals are a part of a greater agreement with Tenet Healthcare, where Innovare is the sole provider of charging stations.

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Mobile Charging Stations in Hospitals Provide Peace of Mind

Hospitals Enhance Patient Experience by Providing a Solution to a Real Problem

Providing a Sense of Relief

When someone finds themselves in a hospital waiting room, they are typically there unexpectedly and are not prepared with enough cellphone battery to last throughout their entire stay. This has proven to be a significant problem for visitors because cellphones are their only means of reaching out to loved ones. Installing mobile charging stations into the hospital space has been significantly beneficial for both hospitals and local businesses, who utilize the digital advertising screens on these charging stations to get their messages out to target audiences.

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Innovare Boasts Successful Installments at 5 Hospital Facilities in Alabama

Brookwood Baptist Health Hospitals Installation Receives Rave Reviews

Innovare just finalized a new major installation of mobile charging stations and digital advertising screens within 5 hospital facilities in Alabama. The Innovare Medical Media team supplied Brookwood Baptist Health Hospitals (Brookwood) with 9 digital charging stations and charging bars valued at over $90,000 completely free of charge.

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Break Through Traditional Advertising Avenues and Beat Your Competitors to the Punch

Advertising in Hospital Space has Become Increasingly Popular and Effective

Finding the right avenue to reach potential customers is essential when developing a marketing strategy for your business. The way companies are getting their messages out has drastically shifted away from traditional means of advertising. More and more, companies are embracing hospital placed media as an outlet for their local advertising.

Spend Where the Eyes Are

Research suggests that the average American spends 2.8 hours a day in front of a television or computer screen. While that is a lot of time, it is a stark contrast to the average wait time in emergency rooms and hospitals, which can be upwards of 8 or 9 hours in a single visit. If you’re looking to promote your business locally, it’s important to advertise in locations that hold the attention of those you’re targeting. Not only do people spend a significant amount of time in hospitals, but there is also a constant flow of new faces that walk through the doors. 

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Healthcare Employment Robust

A Win for Hospital Placed Media

The United States Department of Labor announced robust Healthcare employment growth on March 5th 2019. Health care added 49,000 jobs in March 2019 and 398,000 over the past 12 months. Over the month, employment increased in ambulatory health care services (+27,000), hospitals (+14,000), and nursing and residential care facilities (+9,000).  These job numbers are an increase from the 20,800 jobs the industry added in February 2019 and 41,600 jobs added in January 2019.

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South Carolina Becomes Innovare’s 23rd Operating State

Hospitals Across the Nation are Joining Forces with Innovare Medical Media for Revenue Building

South Carolina is the 23rd largest state in the USA and coincidentally the 23rd state Innovare has established operations in. Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill has recently welcomed the Innovare Community Showcase Program Partnership. Innovare will install multiple mobile charging station devices with an opportunity for the hospital to market their services and specialties on the embedded LCD digital advertising screens. The program costs the hospital nothing to launch or maintain as leading community businesses will be sponsoring the program to target captive audiences. 

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LewisGale Health System in the greater Salem-Roanoke area is the latest system to jump on board and partner with Innovare.  This newly formed partnership now has Innovare partnered with 103 hospitals Nationwide, crossing a major milestone of 100 hospital partners.  This is nearly a 100% increase in hospital partners since 2016.

Innovare Partner and co-founder, Mike Ricciardi said “Hospitals are understanding the opportunities of the Innovare Community Showcase Program at an increasing rate.  The growth of our business began to really accelerate late in 2016, and surpassing 100 hospital partners is a wonderful accomplishment for our team.  This unique business model, delivered to hospitals at no cost will undoubtedly get the attention of new, leading hospital executives.  We are humbled, yet invigorated by this momentum to drive the business past our next hurdle of 250 Hospital partners.”

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