A Quote From Ballad Health

Innovare Medical Media and Ballad Health partnered in 2017 with 2 hospital facilities in Tennessee.  After initial success the partnership was expand to include another 8 Hospitals (in TN and VA) for a total of 10 Hospital facilities.  Tom, Tull, Vice-President and Chief Experience Officer from Ballad Health comments below on the partnership:

Innovare has been an outstanding partner in helping us to solve the issue of charging station availability. Families and staff alike enjoy the amenity, and the professional appearance of the stations are welcome addition to the environment. An added benefit is the extended partnerships that community businesses can enjoy through placing ads on the stations plus the ability to share in the revenues generated through advertising sales. Innovare is a model partner!








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Strategic Internal Communications on Charging Stations

Getting the Word Out with Innovare

The Community Relations Team at Northwell Health has been creatively leveraging the Innovare signage network across the system to promote various scheduled events.  Innovare has installed large format digital charging solutions in busy waiting areas and cafeterias across Northwell Health.

Senior Director, of Corporate Community Relations – Western Region, Vincent Cunningham commented,

“Recently our team had limited enrollment for an upcoming event and decided to run content on the Innovare network to increase awareness.  As we promoted the sign up details for the event, in just a few days the event participation tripled.  These digital displays are installed in highly-visible locations at our hospitals and we were able to communicate the event successfully to patients, visitors, and staff.”


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Insurance Invests in OOH and Hospital Placed Media

Hospital Placed Media Ads for Health Insurance – Open Enrollment Awareness

Insurance is a segment of a top 10 industry category in OOH ad spend: Insurance & Real Estate. OOH ad spend for insurance, which includes medical, auto, homeowners, agencies and brokers, is down slightly (-8%) the first half of 2022, primarily due to decreased investment from agencies and brokers. However, the automobile, life, medical and dental insurance segments for OOH ad spend are up 33 percent January – June 2022.

The research also highlights the types of OOH ad messages most likely to engage consumers are those focused on benefits offered, pricing and promotions.

OAAA: Out of Home Advertising Association of America is the national trade association for the US OOH industry including all DOOH, billboards, transit, street, and place-based.

Geopath Member Spotlight | Innovare Medical Media

A conversation with Michael Ricciardi, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Innovare Medical Media.


Q: What was your path to Innovare?

Prior to co-founding Innovare Medical Media, I held various roles at Pfizer across sales, training, and marketing. Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to my now business partners, Mark, and Nick Lieberman.

Mark and his family owned and operated Interspace Airport Advertising, an airport media services company, which had concessions in over

200 airports worldwide – with about 150 airports here in North America and the rest positioned throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Central America. Interspace was a successful small media business and was sold to Clear Channel in 2006. Mark had stayed on for a few years, and meanwhile as I was finishing up my MBA and looking to explore new opportunities, our paths crossed.

A mutual friend introduced me to Mark and his son, Nick. They were looking to utilize the successful proprietary airport media model in another sector. Even though we didn’t previously know each other, we had similar interests and backgrounds. We began to pursue opportunities within the healthcare space (Hospital Placed Media) and in 2010, we started Innovare Medical Media (Innovare).

Q: What has driven your recent company success?

When we started in 2010, the initial months were extremely challenging. This entrepreneurial concept was new to hospitals. Nick and I were seeking to find the first hospital to give Innovare a chance and help pioneer this platform. In the beginning there were only three of us and Hospital Placed Media didn’t really exist, but in March of 2011, Winthrop-University Hospital in NY (now NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island) became Innovare’s first hospital partner. Two hospitals chose to partner with Innovare in 2011, then we grew to add five in 2012, slowly growing to 20 in 2013, paving the way to what is now 165 hospital partners and more than 400 digital screens across the country.


What are Colleges & Universities Saying about HPM?

Education continues to utilize Hospital Placed Media (HPM) to reach their target audience!

Innovare Medical Media has been a cornerstone of our marketing efforts for several years now. We offer multiple healthcare programs and there is no better way to capture the attention of prospective students looking to further their education than through the digital placements offered through Innovare.  –  Brian Martin, Director of Graduate Admissions – Moravian University

Healthcare professionals are constantly seeking additional education to advance their careers, in addition to hospital and health system employees who may be looking to move up in their positions and seek out additional educational opportunities.  – Jan Kirsten – Executive Director of College Relations – Ocean County College

We are thrilled to report that in our latest campaign, we noticed an immediate impact and direct correlation to enrollment at the college. This even includes prospective students sending us a picture from their phone of our advertisement within weeks of installation. – Travis Smith, Director of Public Relations at SUNY Canton

Innovare Media has provided Rockhurst University with an impactful and strategic avenue to drive our message about healthcare degree opportunities available at our prestigious university in the heart of Kansas City. – Dave Hunt, Director of Marketing – Rockhurst University

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Innovare’s Project Manager

Introducing Marianne Pish!

Marianne Pish, Innovare’s Project Manager, recently celebrated her 6th year working with Innovare where her job has evolved over the years. After on-boarding advertising clients in a graphics coordinating role for 4.5 years, Marianne pivoted to assist Innovare in on-boarding new hospitals across the country. Since starting this role, she has successfully onboarded over 30 new hospitals in a dozen states. This includes working diligently with hospital facilities teams, IT teams, and marketing departments to assure a seamless install. On Innovare’s side, Marianne works with our content management team, shipping/freight companies, product manufacturing vendors, contractors & installers, and our sales organization. Marianne is the glue that brings it all together and Innovare is lucky to have Marianne as an integral part of a great operations team!

Outside of work you’ll find Marianne at her home in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, with her husband, Jonathan, and two children; Roxanne and Jonny. Marianne loves the outdoors and camping with her family, she has a true passion for cooking, and is an avid Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fan!

Right at Home Finds Value in Hospital Place Media


To Whom it May Concern,

Right at Home in Hillsborough, NJ believes there’s more to caring for people than just providing in-home assistance. You deserve a care partner that understands the course of your journey and will help navigate the road ahead. Whether it’s preparing a meal or providing 24-hour care, we will be there for you. Whether it’s helping with dressing and hygiene, providing medication reminders, or simply providing transportation to medical appointments, Right at Home’s dedicated caregivers will help you or your loved one navigate life.
To increase awareness of our brand, Right at Home looks to find customers when they are making significant life decisions about in- home care. Many of these decisions are made at the hospital after a significant event. Right at Home wants to be at the top of these family’s minds when they are making these extremely difficult decisions. This is exactly what Innovare Medical Media delivers: a point of care message delivery advertising platform.

We originally partnered with Innovare in 2011 and just recently in 2022 signed a 6-year extension for multiple locations at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset Campus in Somerville, NJ. We are advertising in three locations to visitors, patients, and healthcare professionals (who I would add are heavy influencers of these decisions). There is no better place to advertise than at your local hospital. Most importantly, our business has experienced a strong return on investment from this platform and that is the very reason we made this long-term commitment.

Working with Innovare has been a tremendous success, and we look forward to the years to come of a strong partnership.
Kind regards,

Carl Kuebler

Innovare Partners with The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME)

CAHME Reaches Healthcare Professionals Nationwide on 100+ LCD’s


Innovare Medical Media (Innovare) is thrilled to be partnering with The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Innovare will be sponsoring two 4-week campaigns between September and December 2022, for CAHME to reach healthcare professionals nationwide. Through an accreditation process, CAHME actively promotes continuous improvement in the preparation of future healthcare leaders by developing measurable, competency-based criteria for excellence in healthcare management at leading universities around the globe. Ensuring the health of our communities depends on creative, knowledgeable and mission driven professionals. Graduating from a CAHME Accredited program helps to better prepare the future leaders of healthcare.

Nicholas Lieberman, Innovare President & Co-Founder, is excited by the partnership: “CAHME’s non-profit mission in healthcare education is commendable, and Innovare is thrilled to be able to help CAHME reach a healthcare professional audience that clearly values education for themselves and their family. We look forward to seeing CAHME’s vision, of more universities instituting their critical accreditation process, continue to excel”. Anthony Stanowski, CAHME President and CEO said, “Innovare is committed to their health system clients to direct ambitious employees to accredited healthcare management programs, which will better advance their career. Through their generosity, Innovare is directly helping to improve healthcare.”

Learn more about Innovare: www.innovaremedia.com

Learn more about CAHME: www.cahme.org

Biener Invests in Hospital Placed Media

About Biener Ford and Audi

FEATURED ON DAILYOOH: http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/155319

Since 1929, the Biener family of auto dealerships on Long Island have created an environment where customers truly feel comfortable shopping. Biener has always believed that by caring for a customers’ needs, answering questions honestly and treating them with respect, they will build solid, long-lasting relationships. That’s why Biener’s team of experts is completely committed to every customer who walks through their doors.

Once you shop at Biener’s family-owned Audi or Ford dealerships, you in a sense, become a member of the Biener family. Since they first opened their doors in 1929, they’ve welcomed many New York area residents to their dealerships with the hope that they’ll return time and time again. The proof of their success is in their long list of accolades;  having been named one of the best dealerships of the year by DealerRater.com, as well as being a recipient of Audi’s coveted Magna Society to name just two.

Biener Invests in Hospital Placed Media with Innovare Medical Media

Where do you find a large audience in one location, that recurringly buys multiple high-end vehicles for themselves and their families every year?  The answer to this question for Biener Audi is Hospital Placed Media (HPM) at North Shore – Long Island Jewish and North Shore University Hospital.  These Hospitals alone boast healthcare professional employment of over 16,000 individuals.  These people are typically local residents who are doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physician assistants, administrations, and other positions who are financially qualified to purchase high end vehicles over and over again. However, you’d be remiss to discount the patient and visitor exposure, with High-Income healthcare users and their families typically geographically located near the hospitals.

Biener Audi began its investment in HPM with Innovare in 2013 and has only increased its investment year over year.  They are advertising on two large format fabrics in the employee garages and two LCD embedded mobile phone charging units, which engages the audience.  Jeb Ladouceur, Biener’s Marketing specialist at Encore Marketing Consultants Group, highlighted why HPM is so important to their marketing efforts: “The Ford and Audi brands that Biener represents are a perfect fit for the patients, visitors and professionals who frequent these superb medical facilities”.

Learn more about Biener Ford and Audi: www.bienerford.com & www.bieneraudi.com

Learn more about Innovare Medical Media: www.innovaremedia.com

Credit Unions Invest in Hospital Placed Media






To Whom it May Concern,

UMassFive knows that when a community comes together, great things happen. That’s why we are dedicated to not only serving our members, but the community we all live in. Therefore, when Innovare contacted us about the Community Showcase Display Program at Mercy Medical Center, we were very interested. With a local branch right on the hospital’s campus, spreading the word about the mission of the Credit Union to all who work, visit, and get treatment here is vitally important to us.

Originally, UMassFive participated in the advertising program in 2016 for a 72-month commitment in digital and static locations throughout the hospital. We were comfortable with this because we knew this is our target audience, and we were looking for additional ways to help continue to grow our membership. In 2022, we doubled down for an 84-month commitment, having seen success in advertising through the Community Showcase Display Program to help us achieve our goal.

Innovare has brought UMassFive a tremendous audience at the hospital. Since we cherish our relationship with the those that work here, as well as the greater community, what better location could we spend our marketing budget?! Innovare has been wonderful to work with and we would recommend them to other credit unions and businesses who are looking for a great community-based audience and a way to connect with them.

Kind regards,



Craig Boivin
VP of Marketing


To Learn More About UMassFive: https://www.umassfive.coop

To Learn More About Innovare: https://www.innovaremedia.com

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