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Innovare Medical Media works with both healthcare providers and advertisers to offer best-in-class branding and marketing solutions that drive traffic, increase loyalty, and convert sales. Some of the areas where we are currently helping our clients reach their objectives include:

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Medical Media & Marketing

Innovare Medical Media specializes in providing medical media and marketing solutions that benefit both health care facilities and advertisers. We accomplish this by offering hospitals and other medical facilities an innovative way to utilize the unused space in waiting rooms by turning those spaces into new, revenue generating opportunities.

Our medical marketing solutions will provide your facility with free branded displays, free LCD screens for broadcasting strategic ads and other information, and free mobile device charging stations which will help your patients stay in touch with loved ones. With our digital medical media marketing, your facility will be able to provide an enhanced patient experience while also increasing its revenue.

Hospital Advertising & Marketing

Hospital advertising is an excellent way for local advertisers to reach their target audiences because the average hospital wait time is more than 58 minutes. During this time, patients awaiting treatment and their loved ones are relatively stuck in place. Providing your patients with eye-catching LCD displays strategically placed throughout the waiting room not only helps them pass the time, but also introduces them to local businesses via their advertisements.

Hospital Digital Signage

Innovare Medical Media’s LCD digital advertising screens are custom made for every client, so they fit perfectly throughout the hospital space. Each LCD screen employs the latest technology to ensure your digital signage is bright, attractive, and pleasing to both the eyes and the atmosphere of your space.

58.1 minutes
average hospital wait time
of all adults have cell phones
145.6 million
hospital visits per year
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