Innovare Wins Lamplighter Award

Innovare Medical Media (Innovare), based in Branchburg, NJ, recently won the Award of Excellence from the New England Society of Healthcare Communications at its 28th annual Lamplighter Awards Gala.  The Lamplighters recognize the best-of-the-best in healthcare marketing and public relations throughout New England.

Winning the Lamplighter Award, in the “Success on a Shoestring” category was ideal for Innovare as this category focused on campaigns done with limited budgets.  This win recognized Innovare’s innovative economic model as it provided marketing charging solutions for Portsmouth Regional Hospital (Portsmouth) for free.  Portsmouth has been able to leverage these impactful units to feature hospital marketing and branding content while additional inventory is sold by Innovare on a sponsorship basis to Hospital-approved businesses.  In addition, the proprietary sponsorship model enables Innovare to contribute a portion of the revenue back to the hospital.

“Portsmouth Regional Hospital was looking for a cost-effective solution to effectively market/brand the hospital as well as support patient experience by providing charging solutions. Once introduced to Innovare, we quickly saw the business model as a no-brainer. Innovare provides hospitals with free marketing displays, including Charging Stations, plus, they contribute a percentage of the gross revenue back to the hospital,” said Lynn Robbins,  Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

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2nd Connecticut Partner Installed: Waterbury Hospital

Waterbury Hospital, a mid-sized community hospital licensed for 357 beds in Connecticut is the second hospital partner for Innovare Medical Media in the state of CT.

At zero cost, Waterbury Hospital was able to upgrade their mobile device charging station equipment as well as transform some existing space on campus to feature real, hardworking media.  This exciting, new program includes large format billboards and LCD’s to showcase strategic marketing initiatives.  In addition, Waterbury Hospital will receive a brand new recurring revenue stream from Innovare through this program, which is supported by hospital-approved local community businesses.

Mark Holtz, Waterbury Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, is a proponent of the Showcase Program: “I learned about Innovare when I met Mike (Ricciardi) and Nick (Lieberman) back in 2012 while at Overlook Medical Center.  Once, they talked about the business model, it became readily apparent to the organization that this was a win-win-win proposition, and after completing due diligence, we launched the program.  Hospitals need more ventures like this – no cost, free marketing vehicles and charging stations that freshen up barren spaces, plus we receive a percentage of the revenue!  The timing was great to implement this at Waterbury.  In addition to all the benefits this model already provides, Innovare helped us replace some less expensive and fragile charging stations we previously purchased.”

Numerous community business, some of whom partner with the hospital on other fronts, chose to partner with the Innovare for this initiative.  Jon O’Dowd, Innovare’s Sales Manager, said, “The hospital relationship with the community is very strong, making this initiative extremely successful.  The charging stations provide a tremendous service for patients, visitors and the healthcare professionals on campus that we are thrilled to deploy.”

Innovare continues to thrive, expecting to add an additional 30 Hospitals in 2018, to its already 91 hospital portfolio.  For more information about Innovare you can reach Michael Ricciardi, Partner/Co-founder, at 908-669-2101 or

Innovare Contributions to Hospitals Exceeds $2,000,000

Innovare Medical Media achieved a significant milestone last week.  Since inception, Innovare has contributed over $2,000,000 back to our hospital partners through the Community Showcase Program! These hospital partners have utilized this additional revenue stream in various beneficial ways.  Some examples over the last few years have been:

  • Employee Assistance and Benefits Support
  • Additional Dollars for the Marketing Department
  • More Charging Stations Units for Patient Services
  • Foundation Contributions

Leading hospitals throughout the country are becoming more entrepreneurial in their thinking and have found the Community Showcase Program to be a no-brainer.  For no risk and $0, the hospital receives 1) a free marketing communication network, 2) free charging stations for patient services and 3) a free new discretionary revenue stream.

Innovare shortly anticipates paying its hospital partners $1,000,000 per year moving forward. To learn more about this new and discretionary revenue stream contact Michael Ricciardi,

20 States Is More Than Just “OK”

With the recent addition of St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK, Innovare has now created Hospital partnerships in 20 states across the country.  “Such a great announcement on a historical day for Innovare as it was just seven years ago today when we established our first hospital partnership with NYU Winthrop Hospital,” stated Michael Ricciardi, Innovare Co-Founder.


In addition to St. Anthony Hospital (Oklahoma/SSM Health), Waterbury Hospital (Connecticut/Prospect Medical Holdings), Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center (Virginia/HCA), and Erlanger Health System (Chattanooga, TN) have all selected to launch the Innovare Community Showcase Program this quarter.  Innovare continues its rapid growth and shorty expects to clear 100 hospital partners.

3 Hospitals Display ‘Las Vegas Strong’ Message

Becker’s Hospital Review

Written by Laura Dyrda

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this year, three local hospitals created a “Vegas Strong” campaign that Innovare featured on charging stations and LCD screens across the hospital campuses.


Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, all Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare affiliates, decided to display the “Vegas Strong” message in the hospital to encourage patients and families after the tragedy. The gunman killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more, according to the New York Post.

“When the news hit, our team was very mindful of our hospital friends in Las Vegas,” said Michael Ricciardi, co-founder and partner at Innovare. “We are very grateful for our hospital partners and happy to be able to provide new communication vehicles for them to leverage.”

Hospital Partnerships Tripled!

With the addition of new hospital partners in Indiana, New Hampshire, and Tennessee, Innovare is now partnered with 75 hospitals in 19 states.  Much of this growth has been fueled by the ability to expand our partnerships with our current health system partners, specifically adding multiple programs within Northwell Health and HCA.

“The expansion of these partnerships has truly demonstrated the value in the Innovare Community Showcase model.  In addition, the ability to experience such rapid growth in other markets throughout the country and partner with new, leading health systems such as the Wellmont Health System in TN is very exciting!” Said Mike Ricciardi, New Business Partner & Co-Founder.

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How to Transform Empty Hospital Space for a Better Patient Experience

Beckers hospital-logo



Written by Staff | March 30, 2017 |


Innovare Medical Media launched in 2010 with the mission of helping hospitals communicate with their patients, doctors, hospital staff and community at large.WUH Front

The company’s first partner was Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, N.Y.,  signing on in March 2011; since then, the company has grown to partner with numerous leading hospitals across the country— including more than 20 HCA hospitals, Northwell Health in New Hyde Park, N.Y., RWJ Barnabas Health in West Orange, N.J., as well as the Allegheny Health Network and St. Luke’s University Health Network in PA.

Hospitals contract with Innovare to partner on marketing and media strategy, and the company tailors each initiative to the specific hospital to complement what the hospital is already doing.

“The business was born out of how rapidly the healthcare industry is evolving. It’s becoming a more competitive space, and hospitals are trying to communicate many different things to the outside world,” says Michael Ricciardi, co-founder and partner – business development of Branchburg, N.J.-based Innovare Medical Media. “Hospitals are challenged to find different ways to communicate their message and tell their community about awards, rankings and local initiatives.”

Hospitals have space within their facilities and around campus to promote the hospital’s service at no extra capital cost. Innovare works with hospitals to leverage those opportunities and they contribute newly generated revenue back to the facility. For example, the company worked with the HCA Far West Division hospitals to transform previously sterile areas of the hospital to areas to cross-sell strategic initiatives, feature staff and boost morale.

“Most hospitals are looking for new or creative ways to get ahead of the curve and further their presence and awareness in the community,” says Mr. Ricciardi.

The company partners with hospitals on communication methods, such as signage and banners across the hospital campus, as well as technology that can improve the patient and family experience.

“The Innovare program launched in April 2013, features leading local and regional businesses in digital, large-format, edge- and back-lit signage placed in high foot traffic areas throughout the hospital network. It has proved popular with businesses because it is affordable and reaches thousands of patients, family members, visitors and hospital employees,” says Ken Szydlow, vice president of marketing, St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Innovare’s most recent initiative has been installing digital media charging stations at their partnering facilities so families can charge their cell phone, laptop or other digital devices while in the hospital’s lobby.


“Many individuals arrive at the hospital unexpectedly without charging cords for their phones, tablets or computers, and they may be waiting some time for word about a friend or loved one who has had surgery or is undergoing a procedure,” said Senior Vice President, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Mineola, N.Y.-based Winthrop-University Hospital J. Edmund Keating. “This creative charging station enables us to provide a valuable and convenient service to patients and visitors who may need to power up their devices.”

Charging stations alone could come at a huge expense, but Innovare installs and maintains the equipment for hospital partners at zero cost to the hospital by leveraging messaging by hospital approved sponsors to support the program.

“The big need we found on the hospital side was developing and manufacturing these charging stations and the units we have developed charge 16 devices at once,” says Mr. Ricciardi. “The hospitals are putting them in cafeterias, waiting areas and lobbies so people can connect free of charge. That’s a win on the patient experience side and a huge service hospitals can provide while being able to communicate effectively with this on-campus audience. In addition to the impactful marketing vehicles and charging stations hospitals gain from this relationship at no cost, Innovare thrilled to have contributed over $1M to our partners is a short period of time.”

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