We Maintain Our Products so You Don’t Have To

Take Advantage of Our Stress-Free Hospital Placed Media

Hospitals and businesses across the country are learning about the benefits of marketing within the hospital space and are partnering with us to install our industry-leading technology into their facilities.

As our reach continues to grow rapidly, maintaining the functionality and appearance of our products remains our top priority. Our highly trained professionals work closely with our partners throughout the entire experience, from hand selecting which products and advertisements best suit their needs, to hospital installation, and the maintenance required in order to keep them looking and functioning in top condition.

Products Designed to Last

charging bank example

We take pride in our mobile charging stations, charging bars, and LCD digital advertising screens. Each is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, which allows the digital screens to display highly targeted messages daily, and our charging stations to provide a source of electricity to patients, visitors, and hospital personnel. Our mobile charging stations and bars have significantly evolved since the original models, and now include hospital grade, tamper resistant outlets and locked charging cords that are designed to withstand the potential damages caused by everyday use.

Monthly Maintenance for Peace of Mind

While our products are designed with the utmost quality, they are placed within busy, public areas that leave them vulnerable to the possibility of being damaged. Innovare has team members spread out across the country who check up on our hospital partners monthly to ensure that our charging stations and screens are all working properly, and to maintain anything that needs it.

Speak with one of our professionals about partnering with Innovare.