Waiting Room Charging Stations

Waiting Room Charging Stations
According to U.S. News & World Report, in 2020 the average time admitted patients spent waiting for a hospital room was 103 minutes. Now consider that that number was averaged right before the Covid pandemic changed the healthcare industry as we knew it. Today’s wait times are even higher as a result.

Spending such a lengthy span of time in a waiting room means that patients and visitors alike will turn to their smartphones to help pass the time and to keep in touch with loved ones outside the hospital. And since most people don’t walk into a hospital with their phones fully charged, there’s a good chance their all that activity will quickly drain whatever battery life they have left. 

Partnering with Innovare Medical Media will not only provide your hospital with custom-made LCD screens designed to broadcast a variety of educational and entertaining content in your waiting rooms, but you will also be provided with complimentary waiting room charging stations featuring a range of durable charging cables for just about every make and model of mobile device. 

Waiting Room Phone Charging Station

Innovare Medical Media’s waiting room phone charging station is designed to give your patients and waiting room visitors free and convenient access to the charging cables they need to ensure their batteries don’t die at a time when they need them the most. And because the charging cables are connected to a custom-designed LCD screen bearing your hospital’s name and logo, your waiting room charging station doubles as a unique marketing and branding feature.

Partnering with Innovare Medical Media means that you won’t ever have to pay for your waiting room phone charging stations or for their upkeep and maintenance. Our cell phone charging station for medical waiting rooms is designed for durability and built to last. 

We use only the highest-quality child-proof, damage-preventative materials in our chargers and cords, so they’re durable enough to stay in top condition regardless of heavy usage. But should any of the cords get damaged or new mobile technology becomes available, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will repair, replace, and/or update your charging stations at no-cost to the hospital. 

Provide your patients and visitors with the services they need to lower their perceived dwell time in your waiting rooms and your patient satisfaction scores will skyrocket. Learn more about our complimentary charging stations for waiting rooms by calling Innovare Medical Media today at 866-887-2207 or click here to send us a message.

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