Innovare has reached $3,000,000 in Hospital contributions!

Innovare’s Win–Win–Win Scenario

Innovare Medical Media recently announced that its program has contributed over $3 million to its hospital partners.  From the launch of the business in 2011, Innovare’s goal was always to contribute to the success of Hospitals in a meaningful way.  Innovare established a no cost Win–Win–Win economic model so that hospitals receive 1). Free mobile charging stations, 2). Free Hospital Marketing Opportunities, and 3). Free Revenue. This “free revenue” has become a significant income stream for our hospital partners. 

As a founding partner, Mike Ricciardi has seen the impact of these revenue streams to hospitals. He said that “some hospitals have allocated thousands of dollars to their charitable foundations, others have put resources toward employee benefits, and still others have devoted resources to innovative marketing opportunities. Innovare’s hope is that the contributions continue to make a meaningful difference.”

Hospitals that have embraced these entrepreneurial opportunities have been attracted to the no-cost model.  Innovare increased its hospital partnerships by almost 40% in 2019 and is now partnering with over 125 hospitals. Innovare expects continued rapid growth in 2020 and launch spots are filling up fast. If your hospital is missing out on this triple win partnership, please contact us so we can send you more information on how to maximize your hospital’s marketing potential.