Out of Home Digital Media Wins as Newspapers Falter

Innovare is Leading the Way to Have More Eyes on Your Brand

Innovare Medical Media has successfully built the Hospital Placed Media (HPM) platform in leading markets throughout the country.  HPM is one of the most rapidly growing avenues of advertising that your business will want to take advantage of. In recent years, marketing teams have jumped ship on traditional avenues of advertising like radio and newspapers. They are replacing it with more effective, impactful,  and affordable ventures like targeted media-based advertising. 

Why Visual and Media-Based Advertising Wins Every Time

Billboard Insider claims that when it comes to choosing between radio or billboard advertising opportunities, the answer is easy. “The obvious difference is that billboards offer sight, and a picture tells a thousand words.” According to their studies, a visual advertisement is shown to drive revenue that is more than double of what a radio ad would provide. 

A business will have more opportunity to tell their story to potential customers by implementing a visual and informative advertisement. When it comes to a billboard or media-based marketing like Hospital Placed Media, businesses can effectively segment their content.  This is ideal to select critical placement to reach the right target audience and decide the best frequency and duration of the ad to increase its overall effectiveness and maximize their investment. 

Even billionaire investor, Warren Buffett is giving up on newspapers, and at the end of January 2020, it was announced that Buffet sold his portfolio of 31 local newspapers. The fact that he is selling his investment for less than what he originally paid for speaks to the lack of influence that more traditional media holds. These forms of advertising are often more expensive and offer a smaller window of run time. Media-based and visual advertising opportunities typically contain a longer run time and offer more versatility, which decreases your business’ cost per exposure and thus increases the return on investment.   

How Can You Gain this Control?

Innovare offers complete control over your advertising by allowing your business to target your ideal target audience. Our studies and customer reports have shown that through Hospital Placed Media, Innovare has helped provide companies control over their advertisements and gain a return on investment in a niche market. This far outweighs the benefits of more traditional, old-fashioned media placement such as radio, newspaper, or tv.

Hospital Placed Media is growing at an astonishing rate. You should feel great about the audience, the demographics, the value that Hospital Placed Media can bring to your business. How is your business taking advantage of visual marketing in 2020? With opportunities coast-to-coast, Innovare’s nationwide Hospital Placed Media Platform can help your business today.