Ballad Health Recommends Innovare

Innovare Charging Solutions are a Hit with Patient Experience

“Patients and their family members have at least one thing in common – they want to know you CARE. In my role I typically hear from patients or their loved ones when there is a concern. However, with the pandemic, I have also been afforded the opportunity to welcome family

members as they come to visit and wish patients well as they exit after discharge. Being able to meet people in these capacities has helped me realize how much we take CONNECTIONS for granted.”

“A common request from patients and visitors is to have access to a charger that fits their specific device. Until recently, our facility did not have this resource. One of the most sad scenes, to me, is when a patient is discharged with nothing more than their patient belonging bag and a cell phone that contains all of their contacts’ numbers, yet they cannot access them because the battery needs charging. Now, when someone asks for a phone charger, I can proudly say “YES, we would be happy for you to use our Innovare charging station located in the cafeteria!” Offering a food voucher is an added bonus so they can have a snack or drink while they wait. With this resource, we are able to show we understand how important CONNECTIONS are and we CARE about you.”


Sheri Phillips

Market Director, Patient Experience

Southwest Market | Ballad Health